I dont have a place to cook my eggs, I don't have a kitchen only a microwave and a toaster. Is there anything else i could do instead of eggs?. You can cook scrambled eggs mh a microwave. Try mixing your eggs in a micowave safe bowl the putting it in and cooking on high for thirty seconds, mixing and then repeating until cooked. Be careful not to over cook. Hope this helpedOk so im starting this diet monday oct 1st. Can i still run a half a mile during the day. Personally I did workout. So I say do it if you feel up to it. I have done this diet many times over the years and, I know it as the Cleveland Clinic diet.

It is not as easy as it sounds, boring foods but, it absolutely will jump start you into losing weight. I lost 40lbs wtih this diet before. Is it possible to replace the slice of cheese. I really hate eating cheese. Is the Ice Cream just regular vanilla or do you have to buy fat free or something??. I started this today, but now i'm curious. Well I just started this diet today. Doing good so far. Just had a quick question how long did you do it for. I want to try this diet. I need help with my high school essay am a vegetarian. And I don't eat eggs as well. I got the substitution for tuna - cottage cheese.

But, I don't know any substitutions for eggs. Can you please suggest. We do not have Quorn in India. Any other protein rich substitutions, please. Marla, can you please ask your dad. He is a veteran so might be able to advise me. Thanks a lot for the essau. It is not used or endorsed jelp the military. It is the "mayo clinic diet" which by the way was never endorsed by the mayo clinic.

It is simply a 1000 calorie or less eating plan which works but is not sustainable. Plus if you are only going to eat 1000 calories a day there are a lot healthier and more nutritious thing to eat then ice cream and hot dogs. Do you HAVE to ea the eggs hard boiled. I absolutely cannot eat them even if I forced myself because the texture makes me throw up. I started this diet this am, and im praying it will work. I have a lot of back issues so the gym is wity an option for me. I am a stay at home mom and I tzke online classes.

I've been starving today. But managed to stick to it so far. I will post again tomorrow. To those of you that have tried it, how immediate were the results.

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