This unassuming organ is quite vulnerable to the vagaries of indigestible fiber. The impact is indirect, through the digestive disorders of the stomach, such as heartburn, but the suffering is real-millions of people suffer from dysphagia, servce difficulty or inability to swallow food. The other prominent fiber-related complications are:The digestion of protein is the exclusive t of the stomach. Fiber-related problems become more pronounced with age because of the inevitable wear-and-tear on the internal organs.

Insoluble fiber affects the stomach particularly hard because it tends to congregate and form lumps, and its rapid expansion fills the stomach with idle bulk. For example, TV commercials for antacids are commonly shot inside Mexican restaurants because beans-a main staple of Mexican cuisine-commonly cause heartburn, even though a 100 g 0. Just imagine the cumulative impact on the aging sservice of 30 to 40 grams of fiber consumed daily. Here are the most prominent problems:As you can see, the relationship between the stomach and homework service to write essays fiber is awkward at best, ruinous at worse.

Well, what else would you expect when matching a primary digestive organ with an indigestible substance. The journey of food from the plate to the large intestine-that is, through the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine-normally takes about 24 hours, depending on what was on that plate. The more insoluble fiber there is in the meal, the longer the trip, because of the servide in the small intestine, which is an organ nature intended for moving along liquid chyme, not lumps of heavy fiber. The more fiber in the cereal, the faster this dense, thick, semi-liquid mass will clog the hose intestine at the bottom of its very first bend, and there are quite a few more bends left to go.

Unlike the clumps of cereal, any liquid poured through the funnel, no matter how thick, will soon reach the end thanks to the inscape-able laws of gravitation. As long as the exit is setvice below the en-trance, no clogging occurs, even if the hose is old and worn homework service to write essays. And the first organ to greet chyme is the duodenum.

The pyloric wriye sphincter separates the stomach from the duodenum. Uomework the gastric phase of digestion is completed, this valve controls the transfer of chyme into the duodenum. Once inside, the chyme is neutralized with bicarbonate, mixed with bile and pancreatic juices, homework service to write essays the intestinal phase of digestion begins. No himework there-beans, legumes, whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta, and bread make up the largest share of military rations, and young soldiers are particularly prodigious eaters after the daily grind of military life.

The duodenum possesses a few specifics that make it particularly vulnerable to obstruction with fiber. The ducts from the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas congregate into the common bile duct and terminate inside the duodenum. They supply a prodigious amount of bile 400 to 800 ml daily and pancreatic juice up to 1500 to 3000 ml daily. The blockage of biliary and pancreatic ducts homewoork be purely mechanical or caused by duodenitis, an inflammation that affects the lining of the duodenum and the common duct itself.

Again, the prolonged contact of a fibrous, acidified mass with the duodenal mucosa is the most likely cause of both inflammation and blockage. Since the gallbladder concentrates bile pending a fatty meal, no fat in the meal means no release of bile. The longer concentrated bile remains in the gallbladder, the higher the chance for gallstones to form.

Upper jejunum and lower ileum small intestine. The duodenum transitions into the jejunum, which comprises the upper two-fifths of the small intestine. The ileum is narrower 3. At the very end, the ileocal valve terminates the small intestine and prevents the content of cecum the first section of large intestine from spilling back into the small intestine. There is only one substance that can get down there undigested and homework service to write essays wrife times tl size-indigestible fiber.

And when that happens, here are the possible outcomes a partial list :The large intestine a. Its time is primarily taken up with the fermentation of undigested carbohydrates and assimilation of nutrients, water, wriye electrolytes. In the process, the large intestine converts the remnants of liquid chyme into stools and expels them. The more undigested fiber there is in the chyme, the larger and harder the stools become. Length-wise, the large intestine is under 1. Homewor, large sdrvice is made up of four functional sections that encircle the small intestine.

At the opposite end of dervice tube, another sac, terminated by a tight sphincter, completes the U-turn. Respectively, these are the cecum, colon, rectum, and anal canal. The cecum is a large pouch at the bottom essayys the ascending homework service to write essays, servkce known as the blind gut. It is called blind because it only has one exit, just like a blind alley. The cecum is located at the lower-right-hand side of the abdomen. It collects chyme from the ileum, which is the final segment of the small intestine. The cecum can hold up to 1.

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