Hi, For bananas and milk day do I have to eat all of the bananas. You need to make another soup. You can take meds and be on this program assuming the foods in this program are OK with your doc and are not an issue with the meds. I have a question. My banana day is on Thursday and I have to give blood for cholesterol, blood sugar, etc for work. Is eating all those bananas the day before going to raise my blood sugar a lot. If so help what do I do. LolOn the day were it says soup, brown rice for lunch, and then six or seven tomato throughout the day.

Can I mix beans in with the brown rice. I was wondering if I can put sprinkle cinnamon on my fruit, also can I put a little honey in my tea, and last, is it ok to eat a few raw unsalted almonds. My dad tried to scare me and tell me that eating 8 bananas in one day is very dangerous, is this true. Hi April, your dad probably thinks about potassium intake from bananas.

An average banana has 13. You need to eat more than 100 bananas per day to overdose on potassium and B6. Hi, it says no excerise allowed, but I work full time as a house maid. I sweat A LOT. History essay help I increase my intake of anything In particular. Or just keep it as is. Can you eat black beans or chickpeas. And are you along to blend the veggies to make ur own veggie burgers for veggie day. Also are nuts allowed. Which diet is the correct one.

Mushroom rice is not recommended, but you can have if you use only a few mushrooms. I had a few questions. Is it ok to have pineapples,strawberries, and honeydew day 1. Also can you use a lil butter to flavor vegetables on vegetable day. And last question, if I do not like the soup do I have to substitute it for something else or can I just skip it. Thank uIt,s OK to history essay help pineapples, strawberries and honeydew on day 1. Little butter is fine.

You can skip the soup. Can the brown rice be the kind out of those little cups that you microwave. Yes, you can skip the soup if you are not hungry. Can you do more than one week?. And what happens on history essay help 8 and 9?. Do you eat chicken and veggies and stuff?. I was thinking of doing the diet for a week. Eating good for a couple days then hitting it again until I loose the 30 pounds I want to looseYou can repeat the diet after 3-7 days.

Yes, after day 7 you can eat chicken, veggies, history essay help, meat and the rest of the food. If you fill up on water for any of the fruit or vegetable days do you have to eat or is it ok to just have water. You can do low-intensity exercises like stretching or walking. Day 3 almost over and still doing great. I am really surprised no one has mentioned the error in the amount of water for the soup. It is impossible to make this soup with so little water, you actually need about 4 history essay help that amount.

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