I currently weigh in at 360lbs on my 5'10 frame so I plan to use this diet as a diving board, if you will, into a lifetime of eating right. I plan to use this for 10 weeks 3 days on, 4 days off as a detox from all the sugary goodies and junk food my body and taste buds have come to love. I don't believe in fad diets as I have tried many in the past but I look forward to using this as a stepping to a new and improve life for myself. Not hungry like I thought I would be. On WW as well. With today's meals, point count will be at 20 instead of high school essay help 26.

Hoping to make it through the evening hours. Today was tougher than day one. I didn't drink as much water today as yesterday, which is probably why I'm hungrier today. Had a cup of coffee anyway this morning. Looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow. I am just starting this today. It doesn't seem like a big deal of difference from how people should high school essay help eat.

The meals seem pretty balanced, except the idea of having a cup of ice cream every day doesn't sound so healthy. Overloading on sugar and fats at night worry me a bit. I know that having a protein shake before bed can actually promote weight loss. Cutting down meal portions and fasting for one day a week would have a similar effect. I'm up to try anything though. I'll just miss my salads. Thank you for posting this. I started this diet the first week of February and am currently down 32 pounds. I do it M-W every week and then eat sensibly the next 4.

Its training you to eat better and think about what you are eating, thats how it is for me anyway. I do exercise everyday as well, and all in high school essay help I am seeing the results I was hoping for. I average close to 5 pounds a week. I'll take 5 though. Good luck, it does work. I will continue this diet again next week with a few changes. I'm taking out the hot dogs and ice cream to replace with healthier choices. I think I could handle the restricted calorie intake on a daily basis. Honestly, it was not that difficult as long as I was drinking water all day long.

I had no headaches or craving. I followed this diet to a 'T', measured the food, no substitutes, no snacks. I dont get it. Okay, I started this diet yesterday and cheated this morning and weighed in. I lost FIVE pounds yesterday. I misread the lunch information for today though so it may not work as well as if I had followed it correctly. I also haven't had much of any problems doing this.

I have been craving sweets, but I just keep telling myself there's ice cream waiting. I don't really feel hungry during the day all the time anymore either. I enjoyed reading your nice blog. I see you offer priceless info. Congratulations, and keep posting to us.

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