Ever heard of factor 5 Lyden…yep its in me and my dad and my mom and most of my european dutch ancestors. Taking probiotics and BioCleanse to gently rid my body of that crap even though just the smallest amounts of sugars and starches that turn into sugars will feed Candida and cause more overgrowthand other harmful items. I was taking a cleanse and probiotics before Plexus but I switched to theirs due to higher quality. Oh and yes, I took those to my doctor too. Exercise,now that I am getting more of, now that I am losing…. Donald Trump says when approached with hazards of MLM in effect that every company has only one person at the top….

You have to look at what they are doing, why they are doing, if they are profit sharing, how much they are giving…all sorts of other items to look at. Plexus also offers a 96 calorie vanilla ehlp shake. You can drink that if you feel an urge to snack. I usually drink one for breakfast, and Hflp am good for the rest of the day until ezsay. Again, Plexus contains all natural ingredients. As I lose my activity will increase and my diet will start working better. Help writing an essay paper natural chemistry and metabolism is finally changing for the better and my lab results are proving this.

Please stop spreading false information. You know you can stop too. Have dairy and casein intolerance. What else are you gonna feed cows and chickens besides grains, people lived to be over a hundred with grain fed animals. Dont do alot of seeds and my body is lucky to see fish once a month. With no change in my diet the first two months, i wanted to see if my blood tests for sugar, cholesterol and others had lowered without any changes…Side by side readings, DOC and I, showed improved numbers in many MANY things that brought a smile to his face.

I do understand about inflammation and eat things specifically designed to take inflammation down and am learning more and more every day. Since I cannot remember everything at once, I keep a three ring binder to look things up that I received from my doc. I know you will find something to bash this and people out there will continue to see how you roll. Too much green, messes with INR levels and blood thinners. Factor 5 lyden-heard of it. Too many carrots, good for some things, full of starch… bad on diabetes. Are you in my home hiding somewhere. Get out will ya. This might be advantageous.

Oh and so I dont have wn write on the other thread…the lab rat thing. I should go find that post. Thank you for being a doll. Actually you feed cows grass, not grains and free range chickens. If you knew anything about an anti inflammatory diet you would know esswy. Fresh caught fish not farm raisedespecially salmon again is great antagonist for inflammation. I would recommend you increase your fish intake bc you are obviously not taking in enough by your statements.

Can you give you definition of a placebo effect hlp your responses help writing an essay paper lacking the substances to sway me to believe you have a full understanding of this term. Mr or Mrs Guest.

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