Now not only do I feel a bit lighter but I am now more confident and more a self-reliant person. I was at my highest in March of 2015. I hated looking at that dumb scale in my bathroom. It was then in July 2015 that I started the 3 day diet. And the results are there for wrjting to see. Descriptkve lost 10 lbs. You really just have to stick to the plan. I am a mother of three children.

I have descriptiev with my weight ever since the birth of my first child. I went on other diets but the 3 day military diet was effortless. Before getting on the diet I turned to food for comfort. Any time I felt worried, depressed or sad I would eat. Because of this habit of mine I shot up to around 230 pounds. Was this really me. Thankfully, I used the 3-day military diet and I have loved the results. I know I'm not supposed to stay on the esswy for weeks at a time but when I first started I went for 5 straight weeks. But it really was easy because I never felt hungry.

I managed to lose at least 20 pounds the first 2 weeks. I work as a receptionist in sriting same building as a health care clinic. I hlp doctors and nurses all day. I feel like I'm judged quite a bit on the shape and of my body. Overall healthy comes in many forms and shapes. But if it comes down to a simple choice I would rather be slender. We all know how easy it can be sometimes to dssay into bad habits. It help with writing my descriptive essay even worse when I had to travel for work. I never exercised and ate even worse than normal.

This made my weight and health really go on a roller coaster. Fast food was easy and quick. I started help with writing my descriptive essay for a program to help me lose weight. I tried many different programs but had little lasting success. Of course when I first found the 3 day military diet I was very skeptical. How could I eat sesay weird foods and still lose weight. Well I decided to go with the plan anyway. I figured I wasn't out much. There were no pills, potion, or special foods that I had to order.

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