Is it a lactose issue or something wtih. Will it work really. Substitute for Tuna and broccoli. I am lactose, gluten and dairy intolerant, I also have issues with peanuts. I know everyone says not to substitute but I have to. I am very much overweight and can't look at myself in the rssay even. I have tried everything, all the diets in the world, had liposuction, nothing worked. I have always dreamed of looking like a model, but am skeptical as to the fact that one could lose so much weight help with my essay 3 days. I have help with my essay same question as the person above my comment ezsay Will this work.

First off your beautiful inside and out and as hard as it can be to resist the pull of model good looks its unrealistic because even they do not look like that. Anyways try to substitute what you normally would, so since your gluten intolerant substitute for the toast help with my essay you would normally sub for toast. For peanut butter, almond or sunflower butter. As far as if it will work I think it depends on the person. No diet will achieve those results your looking for without work because I take it your looking for a permanent change.

This could be a jump start but I have never tried it with so many substitution. I wish you all the best. I do this diet often. I do use substitutions and have not had any problems dropping weight. I lose 7 - 10 help with my essay each time I have done this. Also the more weight esasy need to lose the closer to the 10 pounds you lose. I was 278 pounds the first time I tried it and I lost 9 pounds in those 3 days. Yes it will work.

I don't sssay carrots so I eat fresh green beans instead. I esay add fresh spinach to my egg on the day I eat eggs, creamer in my coffee, and I put a teaspoon of light mayo in my tuna. It works for me. I am gluten intolerant, can i use gluten-free products. Will i still get the same results weightwise. I don't know that that would make a difference. If it calls for carbs and your using something that is rice based than you're still getting your carb.

Maybe a rice cake instead of toast or something like that. Or some rice crackerswould rye toast work?. I want to try this, but I am concerned about the amount of food mh. I get shakey and headaches if I don't eat dith. Has anyone who has done this ever gotten sick. Oz fat flush water. I'd say stick to regular water you don't want to over do it and the celery in your tuna shouldn't be an issue. Check the calories between the vanilla and chocolate and go by calories.

Same with the cheese an eggs. It will be a nelp more difficult to feel full since rssay butters and sliced cheese, even cheese alternatives, can pack a big calorie punch and leave you feeling hungry throughout the day.

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