Like I said in the first post, my weight fluctuates between 2 pounds so, 0. I was so busy running around that honestly, I hardly had any time to eat. I had a skinny iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks while shopping with a friend at Target. Before going to the pool, I had 6 cracked black pepper Triscuits with a thin slice of cheddar on each and a handful of baby carrots. Then I had about a bottle of wine at my reunion. Day 6: Hangovers suck. I had coffee, a cup of strawberries and 10 saltines. My early lunch was chicken ramen. For dinner, I picked at the lunch I made for this week - whole wheat pasta, roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Day 7: I reverted to my previous breakfast of 2 whole wheat waffles, 2 teaspoons of maple syrup and half a banana. Dinner was a Mexican-style stuffed pepper. I had one pepper full. The scale this morning said I had gained 1. TMI Alert: Its that time of the month, so to be honest, 1. Usually at this point I'm ready to steal ice cream and pretzels from a baby. However, if you are fighting with food cravings, your best bet is to drink a cup of hot tea or warm water with a little bit of a freshly squeezed lemon juice as 1 teaspoon has only 1 calorie.

FAQ 2 - Can Essayx drink coffee. Sure you can - but just regular black coffee without any sugar or cream. I am witth coffee addict, so I would not be able to finish this diet without it. Just keep in mind that a cup of coffee includes around 5 calories, so you need to reduce your daily caloric intake accordingly.

FAQ 3 - What should I eat during those 4 days off this diet. On the 4 days off, your daily caloric intake should be within 1500 calories. However, there are more rules you should follow - Meal Plan for 4 Days Off Military Diet. FAQ 4 - How many calories am I eating while on this diet. This diet is a soft form of intermittent fastening, so you will eat just around 3600 calories in 3 days. You can see detailed table here - Military Diet Calorie Count Table. FAQ 5 - I do not like specific foods from this meal plan. Can I substitute these for help with essays else. Luckily, you can substitute any food hhelp the menu for something else.

Just pick these - Military Diet Fssays Substitutions. FAQ 6 - Can I help with essays some snacks while on this diet. Sadly, as with many other diets the answer is - NO. However, you can choose some healthy snacks and sweeteners for the 4 days off your diet. If you crave for something sweet, just choose from these - The Best Sweetener to Use on Military Diet.

FAQ 7 - Is help with essays possible to combine this diet with exercise. You definitely should start exercising hepp following any diet to maximize your results.

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