Lunch is a little harder, because this is when you feel the most how little you are eating. A cup of coffee and a few biscuits are the perfect breakfast to me, but then I expect a generous portion of pasta a few hours later for lunch. This is the moment I find this diet a bit harder, because lunch on day 1 only features:Pretty depressing. Hunger pangs in 3 2 1. How do I cope. I try to have lunch as late as I can, and dinner a bit earlier, in order to reduce the time between meals. Dinner is a little bit better. The original diet plan called for 1 cup of green beans, which I do not have.

So I chose to substitute it with raw spinach. Having less calories, this way I got to eat a bit more. And yes, ice cream. This is the nice feature of this military diet: you get your daily dose of sugar and fat in the form of ice cream. Clearly, it has to be simple ice cream, not featuring extra chocolate or caramel. Plain vanilla ice cream. And since the diet plan calls for an apple, I like to have it cooked and served with the ice cream. Clearly, those three days you say goodbye to mayo, ketchup, help with college essay.

But a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of raw olive oil a day can be added to your salad. Calorie-free spices such as cinnamon, curry powder, pepper or oregano can be used without problems. Military diet day 1 of 3: done. Top Posts Post to Cancel More Photos. One in particular i would like to survey is The Military Diet, also known as The Grapefruit Diet or The Coffee Diet. The synopsis of the diet is simple. Eat a strict 3-day menu and take the other 4 days of the week off to eat as you normally would.

Sounds pretty simple, right. For anyone who has dieted before, it's not an easy game. Eating a salad with little dressing, while all your friends chow down Big Macs can be downright miserable especially the first week or so while your'e starving your butt off. It's really no surprise that fad diets were created. Everyone wants an easier, faster route to lose those last few pounds before the big wedding day or prom, but is there any truth to these diets. Each person is different, for instance someone who is 50lbs overweight is going to have an easier go of it losing 5lbs on a diet faster than say somebody who is 10lbs overweight.

So back to the question at hand: Is The Military Diet codswallop, or is there actually some truth to the claim. Can you Handle It. What strikes me the most about this diet is lack of propaganda. This is one of the only diets I know of that doesn't claim that a product they created is going to be your miracle weight loss solution. All of the menu items on this list can be bought at your local grocer for around 20 bucks. The menu, as seen below is very simple to make. So lets break it down.

The grapefruit in the diet is supposed to adjust your pH levels, bringing your liver in high gear to start breaking down fats. The proteins from the peanut butter and meats require more energy for your body to burn. The apples you eat on the diet have pectin in them, which supposedly limits the amount of fat your cells store.

The Military Diet only consists of consuming around 1000 calories during the 3-day menu. Add the fact that usually even a mostly sedentary person can burn 1000 calories a day and the diet will most definitely work. Keeping those pounds that you lost once you stop the diet however can present a bit of a challenge. Any diet where you consume 1000 calories or less a day is a form of fasting. When you go from consuming 2000 or more calories a day, and suddenly cut your intake in half, it's going to shock your system a bit, this can boost your metabolism help with college essay cause weight loss.

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