It's acidic and similar caloric intake. Not sure about the sugar levels though. Diets work if you stay on them, but as soon as you go off of them, ms will gain the weight back. So unless dssay plan to eat the diet listed above forever, or limit yourself to 1000-1200 calories a day forever, then good luck keeping the weight off. It's not a diet, it's a freaking lifestyle!. When will people get that?.

It's not rssay hard of a concept!!. It was specifically formulated by a cardiologist only to be used for mf patients who needed to lose alot of weight very quickly in order t undergo open heart surgery. Its not recrecommended for everyone. This diet IS formulated for those needing esay whatever reason to take some weight off quickly.

It's not meant to be used for unending rounds. That is when it becomes unhealthy. M you become less carbohydrated addicted, and in tune ezsay your body, you should for optimum health, return to a lover caloric intake, and simply use your head when it comes to good carbs vs bad carbs, and keep a weekly exercise routine. You don't have to go to a gym, or a training camp. It's not rocket science. You MUST move your body to burn calories. Our metabolisms are furnaces. You MUST fuel a furnace properly to have it run for a long time, or it koncks out.

Just use common sense. If you disagree with anyone I will gladly post your comment regardless if that person is me, however there is no need to be rude. Lifestyle change and a healthy diet, go hand in hand. A lifestyle change is about adding other heathly life styles changes cardio, weightlifting. I think the diet is ok. Everyone hwlp watch their portion control, no matter what type of food it is. Of course working out means eating more, but as long as its not more calories than burned portion control Everything will level out. Its about sticking with it, and it always will be about that.

So for someone to critize that concept, I dont think understands "lifestyle changes"I did this wrote with my mom this summer and I did lost about 5 pounds in the three days but my mom only lost 3. I switched to a healthier lifestyle about two years ago working out and eating healthier and my metabolism has sped up a lot. The whole time I did this diet I was starving!!. I cheated on the third day because I was help me write my essay light headed and nauseous. My mom didn't feel hungry but she has a much slower metabolism which might be why she didn't lose as much.

Needless to say, I agree with the dietician, it is not enough food if you have a decent metabolism. It was miserable and eating that help me write my essay cottage cheese in one sitting is terrible just FYI. Everyone should try this instead. I think it is a great jump start. I feel if it works for you go esssay it.

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