Unless in the current economy you have no other job option. Not hflp to offend anyone, I just don't understand the logic. Vegetarians in the Military. I'm belp vegetarian who is considering joining the Air Force, but I'm concerned that hekp this meat-dominated society, I may have a problem getting the nutrients I need, especially at Basic Officer Training. Does anyone know from experience their own or someone they know if it can be done. I would be taking vitamins, but even those can only go so far.

Just eat what you feel is right for your diet, and ignore the rest. Basic training is what. I'm not saying you'll have any great culinary experiences LOLLOL!!!!. Belp you eith die either. Just try to get some extra nice vegs in when you have an off day sometimes :. In Basic Training, I lived on rice, bread, and lettuce for a week until I broke down and mj eating meat. You will spend a lot of time out in the field AKA the middle of nowhere where ONE hot meal is served to everyone. Also, I had basic in the south South Carolina so even the vegetable dishes were loaded with pieces of bacon and bacon fat.

Fortunately, they make vegetarian MREs. Unfortunately, they rarely let you pick your MRE so you have to get lucky and find someone to trade with. Disclaimer: I was in the Army, and I hear the Air Force is generally better about treating new recruits like people, so you might have a better time of it than I did, but no guarantees that they will respect your vegetarianism. During boot camp I had a hard time getting enough food except for breakfast.

Once I got out of boot camp, it was difficult but managable. When I made it to my boat by that time I had cut eggs from my diet toothey tried to break me of being a vegetarian. They made sure that even the vegetables had meat help me with my essay it. I ended up in the hospital for 2 months due to malnutrition. I was eating sesay but bread for over a month. I did end up getting out of the Navy because of it. I registered as a buddhist while in and they didn't care.

A vegetarian Air Witu officer. As lvleph pointed out "it doesn't always work that way" and there is the highly discouraged or impossible "picking thru" MRE's. There is a huge difference between emotionally needing people to "respect your vegetarianism" and surviving gracefully as a vegetarian. If the former is at all witn to you, the military is one of the worst choices you will ever make.

Ms latter is perfectly doable. If you truly cannot eat any meat edsay for religious reasons, I think your faith will be more than adequate for getting thru those rare awkward times. Basic Training is months longer and brutal on vegetarians compared to the officer school that you are headed for. You will likely not be the only vegetarian in your class. Actually, the fewer the better: what works best for me is to just let other people know around you in a non-whiny way that you are vegetarian, and people will come out of the woodwork to trade their vegetarian with you for your meat entree.

Discuss your concerns with the biggest esay there and he will soon be looking for you when he pulls the veggie bag accidentally. At a couple MRE's a day, even if nobody can scrape up a vegetarian one for every single meal, you won't starve. Each MRE is an assortment of individually packaged things like crackers, peanuts, peanut butter, cheez, dried fruit, mee, cake, milkshakes that contains over 3000 calories. Mostly you have to watch the sugar. There might at some point be a chow line where there is one hot noodlemeat meal, like help me with my essay said, ,e you hepl see it coming a long way off and have lots of stashed snacks.

And, you never know, I seriously have my doubts about the "meat" content of some of the meat entrees. So far, he hasn't really had many issues with not finding enough options. The problem he has had is that they're only fed three times a day - early breakfast, lunch, and help me with my essay dinner 5ish. He's used to eating 5-6 times a day, so that's a big adjustment, and he complains about near constant hunger.

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