Any substitution will esdays chemically balance all the food that you take in. If you follow this on your FIRST day, you could see up to 3 pounds lost in one day. It all works on a chemical breakdown and how your body processes this foods. You will see the results in one day. Already the next day you wake up, weigh yourself, you probably lost up to 3 pounds wrting just one day from the chemical breakdown. Steam the foods ni a bit of lemon the water will also give it added flavor. Please post your results here.

This wroting works on a chemical breakdown with the food's nutrients. All of these food enhance the fat burning process. You will definitely loose more. Please post your results. I would love to hear or share more stories. Thank you so much for your questions and stories. I wrkting try my best to answer all the questions. You must ONLY eat the foods that is listed on the diet. This diet works as a chemical breakdown.

All the foods work together to burn belly fat so you can drop the pounds quicker. You can cook the food however you want. It is recommended that you DO NOT use oil or add any fat to your cooking. Steaming or Kn works the best. Salt and Pepper would be the only seasoning you should use. Yes, the flavor may not be there but again, this is a small price to pay to lose up to 10lbs essyas help in writing essays days.

Canned tuna or fresh tuna is great. Please do not eat the hotdog with the bun. It will throw off the chemical breakdown of the foods. You don't want to work hard with the diet only to have it go help in writing essays waste because of added something to the diet. It is recommended you do the diet for 3 days in a seven day hepl. You will notice that your stomach will shrink after 3 days. You won't be able to eat as much as you did before. Protein shakes should be mixed according to the directions on the shake but water is the best for this diet. Help in writing essays is weird I started this diet 3 weeks ago and I lost total of 7 pounds.

I took 4 days break I started again but It didn't work, but I didn't take hdlp Ice cream on the second time because I wanted to loose more. Now I am back again with Ice creamday one was yesterday, my weight was 177 and today 173. Naima, Thank you so much for sharing. Your experience with your weight loss in common and as you can see, it is ih important to follow the diet, because of the particular chemical breakdown.

You did hlp eat the ice exsays the first time, therefore did not see the results. Then you did include in your diet the ice cream and loss more weight. Another thing you might want to take into consideration is to weigh yourself in the morning or as soon as you get up. Because during your resting period, you will also be burning fat. Hey this diet sounds great. I have been dieting but want a new diet. I'm definitely going to try this one starting tomorrow. And I will post my results I just have a couple questions. And by toast can we just just any type of bread and then toast it or do we buy toast made already.

For protein shake or bar do you recommend a certain brand.

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