Why is it necessary that you sleep so. The portions are perfect to take care of your body. Let us know how you like it. I love it I am on my 2 month. The first month I lost 61 pounds. I always lose 12 or more pounds going directly by the menu. On my 4 days off I eat salads a grapefruit each day but the 4th day I cooks my favorite meal every other week and eat what I like.

Walk 2-3 miles 3 times a week and did boxing the other days. I am on day 2. Original weight when I started was 206. This morning I good essay editing services in at 202. We shall see what tomorrows weight looks like. I am wondering if its just water weight but I will take it. Good luck to you all on it. I am going to continue eating healthy along with doing this each week. You just have to know that you can do it. I just finished my first 3 days and I lost 9 pounds.

I currently follow weight watchers so would so this for 3 days then stick to my points allowance on the other 4 days. Do you think I might still gain once the 3 days are up. Think about it as a 30,000 day diet, lol. Zervices was wondering what type of weight loss pill u used. I have tried everything known to man. I just finished my second day. I have done everything to the book except the ice cream.

I substituted it for Greek yogurt. However I have gained 1 lb both days. Why do this keep happening. We like that it promotes a healthy diet, but we are concerned with the lack of sustained weight loss. Try including esszy exercise. Maybe include a fat burner for added effect. I will be doing it again. What are the name of the diet pills that you used. Refer to the article for more info. The first time I followed it to a T gokd lost five pounds and felt sedvices.

This time around the first two days were fine but I am struggling on Day 3. I am eidting a horrible headache, fatigue, and stomach pings. I just need to get through the last meal of the day and get it over with. Tomorrow I will weigh in and move forward with a low calorie healthy diet with exercise. I was 75 before and after the dervices I became 71.

How long have you edkting on it now. Your body could have accustomed itself to your diet. Serbices you including regular exercise, if not try it editkng to force your body to continue to burn energy. I am a 49 year old male and I am in excellent shape. However, I could stand essxy lose 15-20 lbs. I am on day two, just finished lunch.

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