Thank you very much in advance. Replyyou are what you eat as the saying goes or my favourite by you eat to live not live to eat. ReplyExpert boxing is a great site with so much usefull information, excellent job johnny. I have had great success with the diet and water intake. A very big thank you. I am now on my waydue to a deficit calorie diet to being a much healthier wieght. And I feel really healthy from it too.

I was a big guy of 20 stone, over weight and have already lost 3 stone. Thanks to your advice I can train harder for longer and feel awesome too. Boxing training has given me the drive I needed to substantially reduce my alcohol consumption and I am now encouraged to eat better and more thoughtfully. But I really do enjoy a coffee. Is it something good customer service essay should be completely avoided. ReplyJust like to quickly add that recent studies have shown fasted cardio ie running on an empty stomach in the morning does not burn more fat than if you were to eat something first.

ReplyJust wanted to know your opinion on protein shakes. Is it better to eat the protein instead of drink it. ReplyAbout the subject of how to consume the protein. There are slow proteins and fast proteins. I just wanted to know if im too skinny to take part in competitive boxing. ReplyWhich weight class would i fall into. ReplyNobody knows what your body is capable of until after you try boxing for a while. There are different amateur tournaments and some have different weight classes. ReplyReplyI do it whenever I can. Morning, afternoon, evening, late night.

I run for fun. ReplyJohnny N, i have a question to ask you, I am a girl that wants to start boxing, a friend of mine opened my eyes to another world but, hes a guy and i good customer service essay want to be heavy and gain to much muscle. I want to be light and have the right amount of muscle for a girl boxer. ReplyElaine, the importance of food cannot be underestimated. Skills cannot go anywhere without the proper intake of food.

Food wont give you skill but itll help you carry them out in the ring like throwing fast combinations and so forth. Im sixteen and I have been boxing for a year now. I eat 5-6 times a day every three hours. My diet consists of protein, good customer service essay carbs, and good fats. In every meal that your son has make sure those three are in each of his meals. Remember to eat for performace and not always taste. Since boxing is a vigorous sport, carbs are a must. Complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, vegetables, and whole grains are great for your son. Protein such as chicken, turkey, tuna, beef, lowfat yogurt and others are great for him.

Carbs are the energy that allow a boxer to workout that vigorous workout he does. I suggest eating two hours before the training so the food can digest. As far a s liquids, water, milk, protein shakes, and green tea are pretty much all I drink.

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