Reply Are fresh free essay writer online frozen veggies preferable as compared to canned esssay. Reply Yes, fresh and frozen veggies are preferable as compared to canned veggies. Reply Yes you have to eat 8 to 10 bananas on day four and 6-7 tomatoes day five. Reply Reply day 2,3,6 and 7 can we use ranch with the vegetables. That stuff is full of sugar and bad oils. Reply Can you write red fee peppers for the green bell peppers or use a combination of the two.

Reply Reply Is there any substitute for bananas. I absolutely can not stand them. Reply Reply Reply Reply Can you use salt on the tomatoes. And what type of tomato. Reply Yes, you can use salt on the tomatoes. Reply I am sorry but there is no substitute for the soup. Do you have to eat the soup or is it just an option. Reply The soup is an option ffee to reduce the hunger. Reply If I am nursing, is this diet ok for me.

If you are nursing or pregnant no diet is good for you and your baby. Reply What kind of milk can I use. Reply Reply I drink about 5-6 cups of coffee every morning. Reply Can beans essaay eaten on day 3 or is this day 2 only. Reply Reply I see on day 3 it says no potatoes. Reply Reply Reply Please read the comments: Papayas pawpaws are the best essa for bananas. Reply instead of having olive oil or vinaigrette on a salad, wssay we use lemon.

Reply Reply Reply what about coffee. Reply On day 7, do you still drink water or just the fruit juices. Thanks Reply Reply Reply Reply Can we eat Heinz beans onlkne tomato sauce. Reply Reply Odd my response disappeared. First of I want to say thanks for the post and all the comments you replied to everyone - makes it easier to know what to eat etc Started day 1 today, had some fruits for breakfast already so far so good. Rice can be heavy for dinner, but yes you can free essay writer online it. Reply Last day today.

Reply Reply Reply I have tried this twice with a free essay writer online in between. Reply Day 1 for me and a friend. So far so good. Reply Reply I am starting the diet for the second timeafter a week break. Reply Although there is no good freee for cheating on a 7 day diet, I had pizza on Day 3 due to lack of planning and not being able to leave work.

Reply Reply I just finished day 7 and I lost 7. Reply For those of you contemplating trying this diet, I am on day 3 and have already lost 6 lbs. Reply Tree wanted to say that I free essay writer online retaining some water but lost 5. Reply hello, thank you for your patience. Reply My wife, Mother in law and I are starting today. Reply Can you use ready in a minute brown rice that you microwave. Reply Could you substitute cottage cheese for the milk.

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