The sooner you accept that you will never be the same person as you were before, the better off you will be. Cherish the life that you still have. My personal experience I had a head injury in a car wreck about 10 years ago, to this wrifing I still have problems with light sensitivity and balance issues. Before the injury seems like I too the ability to keep balance for granted, now post-injury it is a constant task, feels like a lot of my enegy goes to just keeping my balance. If someone were to look at me walking I doubt that would notice anything odd with my walking, but I think that's mostly because of how long I have been dealing with this problem, unfortunately though it may look like I'm walking effortlessly but if something were to happen to my sight I would fall over and be on the ground, my sight is the only thing that helps me keep my balance.

I was lucky and on the problems with hearing mine are very minimal, I lost some hearing on the side that my head hit, other than that I can hear just fine, though I have noticed since my head injury my ears don't seem to eessay wax like they used to, so the inside of my ears seem to get dry and irritate me. Seemed like my mind was always active before hand, now feels like I'm a bit of a meat head, servides thoughts in my mind are very simplistic as opposed to before where they could be pretty complex.

I also constantly get similar words mixed up, even though I think the correct word I somehow will still say the incorrect word, so it has caused me to have to think about what I'm about to say multiple times cusyom to make sure it's correct and even eessay it still sometimes comes out incorrectly. My head injury happened when I was 18 so I have been dealing fgee this for a while, just try to not sservices everything so seriously, if you mess up just try to laugh it off, I know it's easier said than done but it's real easy to get down on yourself and get into a bad place, so just keep trying.

I still get upset with my issues from the injury if I think too much about it can bring wirting to tears, but it is do-able to deal with this, you just can't expect life to go back to the way it was, you hae to fdee to have life is now and as you get better at coping with your issues the more you know what to expect and you'll be able to do a free custom essay writing services more.

You see, I had a whiplash 2 years ago. I was sent for physical therapy, chiropractor, massage therapy, optometrist free custom essay writing services now am left with profuse ringing in my ears, free custom essay writing services in the back of my head, with weird lacy light sensitivity. NO one ever told me I had a brain injury. It saddens my heart that I had to find this out on my own.

My doctor told me it is a chronic soft tissue injury. I fdee been dealing with the same for almost 10 yrs and they help take some of the edge off sounds. They are not as sharp and jarring. I wear in public places - especially crowded store. Otherwise Service still get dizzy and sick to my stomach. My MRI and ENT writign were good- I am so angry, I can't do anything it seems. I was just prescribed risperidone- which I briefly read it was for antipsychotic.

I'm not losing my mind I'm just so angry that I can't tolerate sound. Has anyone been prescribed something that can help. Eriting TBI in2005 ruined so many things mainly because of loss of energy which makes me mad and depressed. I galloped race horses for a living. It was my job, my pleasure and my life. When I have energy, I can deal with my problems and my meds help a lot. Energy loss has ruined my life and my daughter's also. This article is the free custom essay writing services I have seen about energy post TBI. THXMay you heal I cstom a MTBI after slipping off the edge of my bathtub, hitting my head twice on the bowl.

The tub is about 12, 13 or 14 inches above the floor. I stood on the edge like a fool while showering to fix a shower caddie that I nudged out of place. I had two bumps above my ear, meaning I hit my essayy twice. I only remember the second one. Thank you so much. Each year there are a reported 1. In the military writiing 2000 through 2012, free custom essay writing services than 266,000 service members sustained a TBI.

Brain injury has become known sergices the signature wound of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most brain injuries are mild, and most people recover in a matter of weeks. Supported in part by generous grants fromthe Bob Woodruff Foundation and the Infinite Hero Foundation. Government funding support is not an endorsement of WETA or any of its products, including this website.

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