Dare I hope he will one day be toilet essays writer, or eessays, be able to speak. A ketogenic state is essays writer necessarily right or healthy everyone, such as your poor daughter. Steve - 14 Nov 2014 5:50:44pmNadine. As a father of a 33 yr old Type 1 diabetes daughter I can appreciate your concerns.

Fortunately there is a difference between ketosis which is the body converting fat to ketones to be used as energy, which is a normal process and not harmful to a healthy person. It is not ketoacidosis which is the body breaking down protein, like muscle, because it can't use either the glucose or ketones in the blood due to too much glucose in the blood. You are not alone in confusing the two, many doctors and dietitians don't know the difference essays writer.

I suspect, but don't know because my daughter hasn't tried it, that low carb meals would not be harmful to your daughter. Do some research and don't believe all of what medical professionals tell you without being able to back it up with research evidence. I found that many doctors who treated my daughter in hospitals knew less than I did about Type 1 diabetes. Remember carbs mean blood glucose, fats aren't converted to body fat and insulins job is to remove excess glucose from the blood by converting it into fat in the body's cells.

All the best for what can be a stressful time ahead but you and your daughter will manage it. Unfortunately people are ignorant of Type 1 Diabetes and until it affects them people essxys care which sadly is peoples nature, but for people willing to put themselves through this is crazy. Hopefully we see a cure Nadine very soon ,I wish you and your Daughter all the best. Those that do not have type 1 diabetes can be in ketosis without causing ketoacidocis. As you pointed out, ketoacidocis is caused when there is high blood sugar and ketones, not when there is low blood sugar and ketones.

This is confirmed on this page on the Diabetes Australia website. As it states there, ketoacidocis is also rare in type 2 diabetics, but it can happen. In people with normal insulin wtiter, and normal blood glucose levels, having ketones in your blood will not cause ketoacidocis unless there is some essys medical condition. This is the number one issue with nutritional ketosis - which is a symptom of normal blood glucose and high ketones. People constantly confuse it with ketoacidosis - which is a symptom of high glucose and high ketonesIn fact in some people with normal insulin function, if the time between their final meal on one day and the first meal the next day i.

When people undergo fasting, say for 24 hours, again they can enter ketosis. All of this is normal and perfectly safe. I wish you and your daughter all the best. Ketosis is safe and quite natural for the body as it is a default mechanism when glucose supplies are low, but, as you say, ketoacidosis is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. Please don't be upset by this article, the author isn't suggesting we live on the edge of a razor in order to look better. Although it may seem like a fad this type of eating regime has been eesays as a cure for epilepsy for decades check out the Meryl Streep movie 'First do no harm'.

It is proving invaluable in essays writer management of Diabetes type 2, Autism, MS and Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, it isn't as successful in the fight against your daughter's form of the disease. Please have a look at all the wonderful information that is available now online for more in depth details esasys the science of this form of energy production in the body. I wish you all the best with your daughter and her fight with diabetes, and much love.

I've been on keto for two months now and i feel better than I have in a long time. It has noticeably improved my quality of life. According to doctors most diseases are incurable and of unknown cause. I call BS on that. I am living proof of of reversal qriter arteriosclerosis via changing what I eat.

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