Perfectly shucking an egg from its shell is impossible. I held off on immediately consuming the cottage cheese and saltines for fear of being smacked in the face with 3:30PM starvation again. I caved and ate the cottage cheese 25 minutes after the egg. The tenth bite was so gross. Almost gagged trying to get it down. I brought the saltines home and ate those on my lunch break. I think the novelty of eating new things and eating them at odd times helped me survive. Diet says: 2 hot dogs no buns1 c. Each hot dog is around 4 oz. So, I measured out 8 oz. Pick over and rinse lentils before cooking.

No one wants to chomp on a dirty pebble. Look at the nutrition label on my lentils. Writinf few minutes before my lentils were done, I tossed the broccoli essay writing services economics to soften it. The essay writing services economics below is what I threw wtiting. It tastes as good as it looks. The get-together was just as adorable as it sounds.

I think this happens when my blood sugar gets low. Red split lentils have a slight tomato tang to them, which was a nice addition to the mush they turned into. Those were deliciously fresh. Diet says: 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 small apple. I ate the cottage cheese with 2 of my crackers. I bagged the diced apple and remaining crackers and packed them in my lunch pail.

Day 3 Breakfast Opinion: 6:00AM cottage cheese is the devil. Scooping it with saltines esswy it a little better. I was still a little sore on Day 3 from doing ecinomics workout on Day 1, so my abs and pecs struggled to lift me. I was glad I pushed through it. Diet says: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 slice toast. I had: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 slice toast.

With such little food remaining, I thought about going home on my lunch break and eating 1 of the essay writing services economics tuna cans awaiting me for Day 3 Dinner. Day 3 Lunch Opinion: Toast is just so satisfying. I love all the seeds in my bread, too. The egg was delicious but so TINY. Plus, I am a crappy shell peeler, so some egg went into the trash. I LOVE crushed red pepper flakes. But I ecconomics it perfectly by eating my tuna and nursing my ice cream while he finished his dinner. Day 3 Dinner Opinion: Red pepper flakes make my heart sing and turn boring tuna into a Military Diet delicacy.

I did not smell fish everywhere after Day 3 Dinner tuna. Probably got it in my way too long hair on Day 1. The banana went down in two bites.

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