I started it in February and ended in April. In the end I lost about 19 lbs. It is very hard and it takes a lot of dedication. It was recommended to me by my aerobics instructor. I will say day 2 is a lot harder because you eat less and for me because I do not each cottage cheese or beets it was very difficult.

I actually skipped those tisk tisk but I still managed to lose some pounds. Best of luck to you all. I have not weight myself. I started today and 4-29-14 I weighed myself this morning before starting and just doing the breakfast and lunch I have lost 2lbs. Essay writing service scams wait to essay writing service scams myself in the morning. I did get srrvice slight headache but drinking plenty of water will sdams with that. I have a few friends that just completed this. Those that exercised lost 10lbs and more those that didn't exercise lost 4-6lbs.

It's only 3 days give it a try. I used it as a way of life, lost 37 s. Did it for 3. Then remarried, moved away from family and friends, couldn't deal with it. Got extremely depressed, went off diet gained 20 s back. Started back on this diet this morning. Am as determined now as I was 4 years ago. I will take it back off.

No more fat me. I JUST STARTED THIS DIET TODAY, I FEEL A LITTLE TIRED. CAN YOU TAKE B-12 VITAMINES WITH THIS DIET. Essay writing service scams need to lose about 140 lbs. I think I'lluse this weekly, balancing the other 4 days following a weight watchers plan until I get about half the weight off I want to lose. Then I'll switch entirely to Weight Watchers and Zumba the rest of it off so I can tighten loose skin back up again.

Does it help with belly fat aswell. Follow the diet as stated, it's ONLY 3 days. That isIF you want results. And it does work. You could drink all the black coffee and tea you wanted but no sugar or creamer. Essxy I remember it with one day salmon, second day hot dogs, and the third day tunaI don't like any of the vegetables like broccoli, carrots or cottage cheese or beets or bananas or hot dogs or cantaloupe or cauliflower or apples. I lost 80lbs in two months using this diet. I did three days on three days off and drank about a gallon of water each day to fight hunger.

I always have called it the starvation diet because you get a lot of food when you look at the plate but Servive do you feel hungry. Its servuce this diet is based on a chemical breakdown that happens with the different food combinations and it honestly does work. I kept the weight off until I got pregnant funny how losing weight makes your body work the way it actually should. This diet takes discipline but is well worth it for anyone sick of being overweight.

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