I knew this diet as the "cardiac diet". I did this diet with my best friend and we lost 6 lbs by the third day. We realized that the key to the diet was the severe caloric restriction so we continued restricting our calories to 1,000 calories during the other 4 days of the week. Within 6 months we essay writing service forum about 50 lbs each. They strange thing is that about a year after starting the diet we both had to get our gall bladders removed. Wrlting may very well be a coincidence but the calorie restriction is so severe that it may have thrown our systems out of whack.

When I do restrict my calories on ariting regular basis I always stick to 1200 which is what sparkpeople. If you are going to restrict you calories like that I would recommend that site as they monitior how many fats, carbs, and sugars you essay writing service forum taking in as well as calories. Can you scramble the egg, does it have to be hard boiled.

Is there a substitute for the hard boiled egg. Thank youI did alternative things with my egg the second time around, i don't think it matters much as long as you don't add alot of extras. I would recommend drinking more, I would never moderate your water intake, its so important. This was a cardiac diet for patients to lose alot of weight before surgery. Not a lifestyle to follow. Smaller portions, healthy wrtiing and moderate exercise is the best change.

Don't diet, make LIFESTYLE changes. One change at time, not all at once. Don't restrict yourself, smaller size of serfice you crave. I'm allergic to peanuts. Do you know if there is another alternative. The purpose of the peanut butter is protein so i would think almond butter or sunflower butter, although more expensive, will deliver even more protein if you do not possess those allergies as well.

Starting this tomorrowCurrently 130lbsGoal 120lbsthis is way to little food. I am wondering if there is anything that I can substitute the eggs for as I hate eggs. I can tolerate them essay writing service forum but not boied or scrambled. I did not boil mine the second time, if you do fry them I would recommend just a little olive oil otherwise I would think peanut butter would be a better substitute. There is no way that anyone who is exercising could survive off of of the little food you are eating.

I did light exercise like leg lifts and crunches but nothing too intense and only about 20 mins a day. However exercise was not recommended by the site I went to and I wouldn't recommend doing it simply because writung the low calorie intake. The same amount of tofu, cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, 2 ounces cooked chicken, or 30 essay writing service forum almonds or wrting.

I've read through each comment and applied them to my situation. The one comment you didn't answer directly was the coffee and tea substition. Servuce am a devout Mormon and therefore I forun from drinking tea or coffee. The last site you recommended for substitutions offered several alternatives, but the only one that would work in my writign is the sugar free hot chocolate. I chose this for the low calories and high caffeine which I can have caffeine even though uninformed popular belief on Mormonism thinks otherwise. Anyway, I started this morning.

I have 45 pounds to lose and hope to use this "crash diet" to get me going in the right direction. The dietitian is correct about creating a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes we need a jump start to get us going in the right direction. Anyone can do three days and hopefully with some immediate form it will motivate me torum find the right lifestyle to carry on. Writinb, thank you for posting this and happy eating. I found this post on Pinterest, just thought you would like to know. James,Thank you servic your interest and kind comments.

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