If i move too fast, or work too fast, i vomit and collapse with a booming headache. I gotta dervice careful not to overheat. It took 10 eszay for the TBI i recieved to take its toll. I also Boxed Amature before and after the wreck and was besr a few other wrecks where i was almost knocked out. Theze milder concussions built up and added to the major 1. At times the pain servicd so much that i just want God to take this soul and mind from esday body here on Earth but i pray more and think of the people who fought and died for us to be here and the others like me who are far worse.

I Thank God for what i still have, and it keeps me from thinking about what i lost. This life is just a test, but we cant give up servide its just a test. Even though we dont do as good as others might, in the end, everyone wins anyway. But you cant take the easy road out because writiing a loss and that means a loss. I feel the same essay writing service best.

And since I have been suffering from migraines, memory loss, never used drugs, have 3 daughters and the shit thing is I can't even begin to help them with there Math. I talk talking about a subject and switch to another story and forget what the I was talking about in the 1stplace. I have had probably 6 or 7 car accidents and on terrible abusive relationship which didn't help matters.

I know hate is a strong word but I'm beginning to hate life. I have no one who understands the anxiety and depression. The pain from migraines. I pray dssay the Good Lord, Almighty Creator, steadily holds my hand, and shines through the darkness, that we all suffer. Besr his name Rise Up. It's Friday evening, 6:3o pm on 25 April 2014.

So many years later, I have such ringing in my ears after a long day on the computer that I just want to cry. But I feel stupid. I think that if I say anything to anyone, I 'll be considered a hypochondriac and whiner. I servixe want my energy back. I want to feel happy. I want to not feel everyday is a chore to get through. At times, I want to just throw in essay writing service best towel.

Guess I'm feeling sorry for myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better. Thanks for letting me leave my troubles for tonight on the shoulders of this cyberspace. I'll make it through. I was riding a mountain bike downhill, was launched over my handlebars, and my head is what i landed on without being able to get my arms or anything else out esszy soften the blow. Was out for about 15 seconds, tons of physical pain for 1.

It is a pain in the butt process, mainly because hardly any doctor or cognitive therapist knows the details and it is hugely misdiagnosed. Also, if you are in a managed care system I have found most doctors are busy finishing with patients to get the billings to the insurance company to help justify their job, but hardly any truly try to figure it out and help. YOU must do the research and essau those that specialize in this area.

Of the 10 or so docs I've seen essay writing service best far, appears only 1 truly understands and has read the latest on TBI's. Noticed at the bottom of this page after the comments there is a supposed definition of TBI.

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