They go to a sleep specialist. You fell asleep a little bit more slowly. It took you longer to fall asleep than an average person by a little bit but it took 25 minutes instead of 9 so your fine. I was up all night. Nofzinger was really, really interesting. He did FMRI in people who have insomnia. What he found is that brain activity so you can detect with more seervice different types of brain activity with FMRI that you can with normal PSG. What he found is that there was areas in servjce brain that looked like they were awake even though the rest of the brain was asleep and he called it this hyperfrontality.

These areas that are processing thought it was like they were awake. They were not demonstrating normal characteristic behavior as sleep but the rest of the brain was asleep. Because that area was hyperactive at night it led to hypofrontality during the day which essay writing on customer service like sluggishness and slow thinking and fatigue. There a lot of things that are driving it.

Anyway, you asked about inflammation and insomnia. I certainly would not be surprised if there was an association. Custojer are centers of the brain in the hypothalamus that are most active at night. They initiate to facilitate sleep onset. If those areas were to become inflamed like we see with other areas of the hypothalamus so we know that areas of the hypothalamus can become inflamed then usually what you have is inhibited function.

They seem to have all these other problems. What do you think about you immune system and sleep. Is there a connection there that people can cjstomer to hack their sleep or people with allergies actually be paying extra attention to their sleep. I worked for a pharmaceutical company that had a drug for narcolepsy. That drug fustomer sodium oxybate. I knew nothing about it beforehand and I would go to the APSS conference, Associated Professional Sleep Societies and soon it became one of the hardest choice I have to make all year was like which session customsr I want to attend.

They were all so interesting. It oon all such a window into how sleep provides srvice incredible window to understand how the body and mind work. Narcolepsy has been the darling of sleep research because as I was mentioning earlier these hypocretin neurons those are the neurons that are actually go missing with narcolepsy. Probably due to autoimmune attack, autoimmune disorders can be very hard to pin down because the conditions of autoimmunity that end up causing the damage at a certain cusyomer the markers can be gone by the time essay writing on customer service the condition manifest itself clinically months later, years later, whenever.

There is some environmental trigger. They actually sleep 8 hours about just like the normal population but they cusyomer sustain wakefulness for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time and then they have to sleep again. Serbice guy that was like they went from like 30 or so attacks down to 1 a day when I switched to Bulletproof coffee. My question for you is, is it likely mitochondria mediated.

Like do some people just suck at using glucose in their brains. I was so fascinated by that. The drug that I worked was sodium oxybate. The other name for that drug is gamma-hydroxybutyrate GHB, which is a drug of abuse, but it is a short chain fatty acid. Pn was called the date rape drug. Tell me about that. It caused people to forget what happened to them 16 hours prior to serviec it.

That was used to facilitate date rape. That was cracked down on and GHB which in fact is a very, very different drug started to be used in a similar capacity but it has much different effects. Any drug that has those central nervous system depressant properties like alcohol. Essay writing on customer service was sesay sociopolitical environment around the same time that the company was looking to develop it for narcolepsy. It has very interesting properties for narcolepsy.

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