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On Wellness days, ask questions, post about your own weight loss, show us essay writing help from universities pics, ask about grocery shopping, say thanks for the support you received here and tell us about your victories over fatlogic. On Meta Monday join the discussion as we decide the direction and state of our community and discuss the events of the week past. We also feature occasional No Stupid Questions stickies essay writing help from universities which you can get answers to material not covered elsewhere.

We will occasionally announce ShitpostSunday for your reposting and shitposting needs. Watch for essay writing help from universities sticky. Information on Eating Disorder recovery can be found here. Feel free to message the mods if you have any questions. Is this fat logic or is this actually a thing. It honestly sounds like bullshit to me. When I was in the military, we ate A LOT. A lot of it was constant snacking. This diet sounds way off from the way people in the military eat. Edit 2: have you noticed how many military men gain a bunch of weight after getting out.

It's from the tendency to essay writing help from universities our faces, without the physical activity to make up for it. You're in the desert all day, moving heavy gear, and constantly moving. A lot of the foods in MRE's are heavy in sodium too. There was an ever present hole in their stomach that no amount of food could fill. He told me how they'd get five minutes to eat and, to make food delivery faster, they'd pile whatever food they had on whatever bread they had to make a sandwich and just shovel it in, often not even taking time to fully chew and just choking the chunks of food down.

The MRE's had 2 large saltine crackers in them. Chow those down while taking a swig of electrolyte powder and chasing it with water. Commonly, our cargo pockets would be filled with all assortments of snacks. Nuts, jerky, granola bars, and pretty much anything that wouldn't melt. And still being starving afterwards. The metabolism just doesn't work like this. Furthermore, eating 800-1000 calories a day, even for a week, is the wrong way to start a lifestyle change. There needs to be a cessation in this idea of "starting a diet".

Lifestyle changes are not diets. You do not "start a lifestyle change" and then stop when you're at your goal weight. I can eat anything I want. Hooray, the tyrrany of the diet is over. It's important to start small and to build from the step-by-step progress your experience. For breakfast you will eat a nutritionally sound diet. Don't worry about lunch, don't worry about snacks, only worry about breakfast. Cross each bridge as they come. Planning is what got you into that body. Actually fighting the battles is what's going to get you out of it. I basically said something similar but hey, what do I know.

Starting small is so so important.

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