Argonne officials think that information might come in handy now that people are going on flights to destinations multiple time zones away. What's good for spies and sopranos will work for "anyone travelling across three or more time zones," Argonne spokesman Dave Baurac said. A study on members of the Minnesota and Wisconsin National Guards, published in 2002 in the medical journal Military Medicine, showed they were seven to 16 times less likely to experience jetlag after embracing the anti-jetlag diet, Baurac noted.

The Argonne Anti-Jetlag Diet, which also includes a sleep-timing regimen, "maintains our healthy essay rhythms by using the same natural time cues that nature uses," Baurac essay Those would be the type of food you eat and the time you eat, sleep and ingest caffeine - essay of it starting three days before the trip. Feast days and fast days are involved, as is drinking coffee at 9pm and walking the aisles of the plane about 2am.

Argonne contends it has helped "hundreds of thousands of travellers avoid jet lag," including Ronald Reagan, the military, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, World Bank, even the Canadian National Swim Team. Former Argonne biologist Charles Ehret, who died in 2007, devoted his career to studying the essay biological rhythms in a variety of organisms and invented the anti-jetlag diet in the 1960s, Baurac said.

Where can a traveller essay the Anti-Jetlag-Diet. Follow Traveller on Twitter. Explore all there is to know. Labor ALP Australia Australian Argonne National Lab has spent years researching how to beat jetlag. Jet lag occurs after air travel across several time zones. It's caused by the body's circadian rhythms being out essay sync with the local destination time. Symptoms of jet lag are temporary and include insomnia, essay, indigestion, and disorientation in the days following air travel.

How long does jet lag normally last. Count on about one day essay adjust to each time zone crossed. For example, a flight from New York to London crosses 5 time zones, so it would take roughly 5 days to recover. Traveling eastward, such as from the United States to Europe or from Europe to Asia, generally causes more severe jet lag than traveling essay Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. One of melatonin's key jobs is controlling the body's circadian rhythm-our internal clock that plays an important role in when we fall asleep and when we wake up.

Melatonin release is tied to the amount of light there is. When it gets dark at night and we turn out the lights, melatonin release is stimulated. Light suppresses melatonin release. When essay cross time zones and are suddenly exposed to excessive light when it's normally our bedtime even a three-hour time difference can do itour melatonin cycles are disrupted and we experience jet lag until our circadian rhythms adjust to the new environment. Melatonin supplements essay thought to help the body quickly adjust to the new surroundings.

Although it is found in 30 mg pills, most practitioners agree that the lowest dose possible should be used and it should only be taken for a short time. There have no long-term studies on the safety of melatonin. Higher doses may cause side effects such as vivid dreams and nightmares. Besides, a Rush University study found no difference between 0.

For jet lag, practitioners generally suggest taking a 0. Research suggests that taking it once a person has reached the travel destination is sufficient and that starting melatonin supplements prior to or during air travel may actually slow the recovery of jet lag, energy, and alertness. Another strategy to avoid jet lag involves adjusting a person's bedtime and wake time to the destination time prior to traveling.

If traveling eastward, this means going to sleep one hour earlier than normal on day one and waking up one hour earlier. On day two, bedtime would be two hours earlier and wake time would be two hours later. On the third day, bedtime would be three hours earlier and wake time would be three hours earlier. If traveling westward, bedtime would be one hour later than normal and wake time would be one hour later than normal and it would also increase progressively each day.

If it's not possible to follow this gradual schedule, some readers suggest pre-adjusting to the new time zone a day in advance by setting essay watch to your destination time the day before you travel and preconditioning yourself to the new time. If it is six hours later at your travel destination, this means waking up six hours earlier the day you travel and then going to sleep when it is nighttime at your destination. If you must nap, seasoned travelers suggest limiting naps to no more than an hour. Homeopathic remedies are small vials of tiny pellets.

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