Today was much better at work. I started to feel energized yet calm and clear-headed, the same way I do after a one-day fast. This is exactly the point. I sweetened the cottage cheese with Stevia. In any case, the afternoon was uneventful. This is a bad sign, one that lines up with one of my initial concerns. Like my actual life energy was going away. I felt drained in the way you do when you have the stomach flu. Suffice to say, my body is totally in starvation mode at this point.

I had no strength in my legs at all. Despite line dancing not being too physically challenging, I had to leave the floor and recover a little after every dance, and again I started fighting the urge to curl up in a ball and lie on the floor. That was it, I was done. Still, I was overjoyed to finally be done with this, and I lost 8 lbs over three days. I might have eaten 5,000 calories that day. After the essay writer service, I was a little stronger, lost a little bit of fat, and stayed the same weight. Which is what probably would have happened if I had just done what I normally did every week.

All of the real positives that can be achieved from this diet can be achieved through a solid one-day fast, which only takes a short burst of willpower and involves no strength loss or self-torture of any kind. Healthy fasting can do wonders for you. This diet is not that. I know that if you follow the weekly version of the military diet, it recommends that you stay at 1500 calories for the other four days, and I know I went way over that. There is no way I could continue to lift, dance, and run like I usually do on only 1500 calories a day. If you ask me, there is simply no reason to try this diet, period.

PS Buy some Quest Bars. While I do not recommend the military diet, I recommend Quest bars all day every day. It seemed like you would just be hungry all the time and not have energy. I essay writer service tried many different diets over the years and nothing really worked long term, until I started eating low carb, high fat. Over the last 6 months, I have lost over 35 pounds. And I have incredible energy. By the way, those quest bars look yummy. I did notice that they look like they are very low in sugar and carbs so it might be a nice snack once in a while.

In hindsight, my biggest problem is the real lack of nutrition. And Quest Bars are the best protein bars by far IMO - great nutrition stats AND incredibly flavorful. They taste exactly like what their flavors are - apple pie ones taste like apple pie, same for cinnamon roll, pumpkin pie etcYour email address will not be published. This diet intrigued me because: It seemed essay writer service a version of essay writer service that was less intense, stretched out over three days, with better results.

I wondered if that would be more effective and less torturous than a one-day fast. I had read enough positive reviews to consider this diet legit enough to at least try it and see what I thought. Monday morning weigh-in afterwards: 236 lbs Wow. It opened my eyes to the negative effect on my sleep from eating too much. Depravation of calories led to my body craving more sleep to make up for the lost energy, so I slept like a baby the entire time I did this.

What I Hated About the Military Diet Everything else. I would never do this again, and would never recommend it to anyone. Reply Bobby M says: September 10, 2016 at 3:52 am In hindsight, essay writer service biggest problem is the real lack of nutrition. They taste exactly like what their flavors are - apple pie ones taste like apple pie, same for cinnamon roll, pumpkin pie etcReply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. About Me Privacy Policy How To Begin Getting In Shape Proudly powered by WordPress.

Let me just be real with you about this 3-day diet planů I hated it.

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