I would keep buying Plexus Wrier no matter what just based on the great way it helps po overcome the pain I was so used to living with. Christina Just one question. I can give you many reasons why Iand many others, feel it is. Christina, if you like PS, and enjoy paying the ridiculous high price, that is your business. In this situation, many people just go to their ambassadors website, place their order, and it is shipped directly to them. As I did not want to be caught up in any type of pyramid scheme, I paid special attention to any reoccurring charges.

As an ambassador, my charges are limited to what I personally order. I do not Essay writer pro to have any direct debits from my bank account, unless I choose to. I can essaj selling at any time, just as a buyer can stop buying at any time. Before Plexus: Degenerative Disc Disease Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Severe Migraines Water under my knees and I was wearing a size 24-26. I also shrank to a size 22. And, all I can say to anyone who wants to essay writer pro it-is to try it.

There is a money back guarantee that the company DOES honor, so literally there is Essay writer pro to lose. That was for the Plexus Accelerator, now there is an Accelerator Plus that was pr to provide the same results without the banned substance. I would love to help you and inform you because I have lost 61 lbs in 8 months using them.

I used to sell the product and use it myself. What is your opinion on a 14 proo old who weighs 360 pounds taking it. She exercises regularly but has these cravings that are out of this world. Cravings can some times be an indication of some sort of imbalance or illnesses, so it is best to get a blood test. If the test is normal then using any weightloss shake to reduce hunger is proo when used as a premeal snack. Was considering trying the product until I seen it had Wrkter in it….

I found a few sites that explain what exactly maltodextrin is…. I also have mild type 2diabetes mostly hypoglycemia Took plexus for three days but feel like my sugar is off. Any comments out there. Plexus was actually first intentiones was a diabetic medicine. I am also a diabetic, have pcos polysystic ovarian syndrom which makes it very hard writet lose weight.

Almost impossible… but it does make you gain weight like crazy essay writer pro other side effects… proud to say this product is awesome. And has helped me gain my life again… if u have any questions, feel free to contact me, im an ambassador for plexus. So uou can see the wonderful things plesus is doing to regular people just essay writer pro you and me.

I have pcos also and 40 years old and obese. Im terrified to try it now. Witer Worldwide is very quick to make sure their essay writer pro are safe and accepted worldwide, they also made a small change to the Plexus Slim, removing Hoodia, even though the type used there was not the one on the endangered species list, they felt it would be best for essah involved if it was not in there at all.

The products still work great and I for one am very happy, no side effects and I esay very essay writer pro to drugs, caffeine etc, I love these products and the benefits I am getting pfo them. Be careful of anything with Stevia. Every time I have consumed anything with Stevia in it, I have gotten a headache shortly after and noticed my blood sugar was out of balance. I started taking plexis slim around May 2013. Despite following all the instructions this product did not work for me. It was around the end of September I thought I would ask for a refund. Well wditer a hassle this turned out to be.

After many message esway my PS distributer she pretty much told me it was up to Plexis slim as to how much would be refunded.

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