You won't hate hot dogs on this diet. You'll be so hungry : I don't like hot dogs, and boy, they sure tasted good. You can't substitute anything, only add pepper and salt to the meals. If you are allergic to any of these foods I have no idea what to eat, bit if you are just a little crying baby who don't want to eat a hoy dog or cottage cheese cause you don't like the taste of it. It worked for me, I did it once a month and lost 8 pounds every single time. It works and is worth the 3 day effort. If you can't do it, don't essay writer companies it.

Ok first off, idk why people are complaining. My friend and I went on it and she lost 12 and I lost 14 and that was just in the first 3 days. If you're just a gorger then don't complain. And by the way, we lost that weight and that was INCLUDING cheating. I ate drumsticks ice cream and monkey bread and some cake. Granted I didn't pig out I just had a little but this diet is essay writer companies amazing I could have a cheat snack a day and STILL shed the weight.

I love this diet so much and nothing else compares. I can tell you from experience that this diet works. It's fairly easy to follow. Brogs You don't have to drink the coffee it just gives you an option other than coffee. Marie I have found you can substitute pretty much anything caloric intake is what I have been watching. It takes commitment and willpower but it is safe and healthy. I was a nurse for many years and it worked great for me with a 16pound weight loss in two wks.

Amazing diet simple and you have all nutrition in them. No starvation diet like others. I recomended to many of my friends and are happy eith resultsI'm super excited to start this diet I need to lose 50 pounds so I hope this works!!. I also started exercising daily. I agree with Sandra. A lot of good questions but no answers. A friend is not allowed to eat grapefruit. I have tried this 3 day diet and it is absolutely safe and IT WORKS!!. I an trying this again. I don't really care for hot dogs though and cottage cheese but I substitute the for the other food mentioned.

Other than that, it is absolutely terrific diet. Started yesterday and I've already lost five pounds. But for some reason I've had to pee sooooo much. Like all the time. But I've been drinking a lot of water so. Also, I am a hypoglycemic, so I can't just go around starving waiting for dinner. So I sort of cheated and every once in a while had a peice of plain toast with peanut butter on top.

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