I came to know that even his class mates made fun of him, and the game teacher often picked on him because of his lack of flexibility. This lead me to start thinking about how can I help my son. Being very much disturbed, I turned essay writer 10.00 per page the internet for help. There I got links to many supplements, drugs, and gyms. I knew my son would not agree to it readily. I even convinced him on joining a gym. There, he again had problems. Out of desperation, I again consulted internet and there I got this amazing e-book, The Military Diet, where they said how one can reduce their weight.

There they said that just by following a strict normal diet, one can lose up to 10 pounds per week, and that too without doing any strenuous exercise or by eating any supplements or medicines. The e-book was a boon to us. Everything in there seemed perfect and I was hopeful that it would solve the problem. I called my son and showed it to him. As expected, he was embarrassed and wanted to do nothing about this, but somehow, we convinced him again. It was an easy diet plan. Everything was given in the site and it was mainly one of the easiest and the most cost effective way of doing this.

My son was utterly happy and so were we. All we had to do was go through the diet plan diligently. The diet contained of nothing out of the ordinary and was so simple that I did not believe at first. But from the time my son started to apply it, it showed wonders. I was nicknamed fatso because of my weight. Going to school was an everyday torture for me as no one left a chance to tease me. Even the games teacher bullied me. Moreover, I was too embarrassed to talk to my parents about this. I had lost all self confidence and could not stand up to anyone. Later, somehow my dad came to know about my problems and he offered help.

One fine day my dad came back from work and told me about this special kind of diet. It was called the Military Diet. There was no need for any exercises or diet pills for this. I was essay writer 10.00 per page this diet was to kick start my metabolism and lose weight fast. Most of the diets affect our health i.

Military diet helped me lose 10 pounds within a week. Following this diet plan was really easy. I had to maintain the diet 3 days a week only with a calorie intake of 1500. I had to drink as much water as I could. Caffeine and artificial sweetness was asked to be avoided. Breakfast started with a slice of toast with peanut butter, a piece of grapefruit and a cup of coffee or tea. I had a cup of Tuna, a slice of toast and a cup of tea for lunch.

Now the caffeine was kept off the list yet the diet chart mentioned a cup of tea of coffee after every meal. This was because black coffee has less than 5 calories per cup so allowed. For dinner I had 3 ounces of meat, 1 cup green beans, half of a banana, 1 small apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream. I have been under this diet for past one month and I have lost more than 20 pounds. I am not teased by my friends any more. It is a revolutionary new way of helping overweight people to reduce their weight by just following a few easy diet plans.

Anyone trying this can lose up to 10 pounds per week.

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