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Excludes all Doorbusters, Clearance and Gift Cards. Food and nutrition are fundamental to military capability. In barracks, UK Armed Forces are currently fed according to the relatively essa Pay As You Dine policy, which has attracted criticism from some quarters. The recently introduced Multi-Climate Ration has been developed specifically to deal with issues arising from Iraq and the current conflict in Afghanistan.

Severely wounded military personnel are likely to lose a significant amount of their muscle mass, in spite of srrvice best medical care. Nutritional support is unable to prevent this, but can ameliorate the effects of the catabolic process. Measuring and quantifying nutritional status during critical illness is difficult. A consensus is beginning to emerge from studies investigating the effects of nutritional interventions on how, what and when to feed patients with critical illness.

The Ministry of Defence is currently undertaking research to address specific concerns related to nutrition as well as seeking to promote healthy eating in military personnel. Nutrition and the military are fundamentally entwined. Without a regular supply of food and water, no army can hope, or expect to successfully prevail in its principal role: warfighting. Appropriate food, in terms of both quality and quantity, and adequate hydration are required to ensure that the physical capacity and mental performance of military personnel serfice at eessay levels.

Nutrition is a major contributor to the wound healing process in those who are injured, as well as influencing their subsequent recovery and rehabilitation. This paper will initially present a brief historical overview of the military's understanding of the importance of good nutrition, before then discussing current UK feeding policy for military training and on operations. The role of nutrition in wound healing will be considered in relation to the current paucity of data to inform clinical dietetic practices in trauma medicine.

Finally, this paper will introduce contemporary work that is addressing these knowledge gaps, with the aim of providing an evidence base to inform future clinical nutrition interventions. There are many examples in history that illustrate the impact of feeding provision on the success or otherwise of military campaigns. Scurvy was responsible for the loss of essau sailors than enemy action in essay service uk eighteenth century. While serving as hk surgeon on board HMS Salisbury essay service uk 1747, James Lind, Royal Navy RNfamously undertook the first prospective interventional esssay, investigating the treatment of scurvy.

Preservation of food during long voyages remained a problem until 1800 when a French chef, Nicolas Appert, responded to Napoleon Bonaparte's offer of a 12 000 franc reward for inventing a means of preserving essay service uk ssrvice the military. Appert used airtight glass containers, laying esay foundation for pre-packaged food.

Appert's idea was further essay service uk by Pierre Durand, a British merchant, who developed tin-covered iron canisters in 1810. Three years later, the British Army and the RN were supplied with food preserved in tin cans. This mantra was dramatically highlighted during his failed invasion of Russia in the summer of 1812. Napoleon's army numbered 600 000 soldiers.

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