Water wouldn't be a problem, because we were already used to drinking about 3-4 bottles of lemon water a day. We got organic peanut butter, with just peanuts and sea salt in it. I was worried about the vanilla ice cream, but I was able to find some that was the suggested 300 calories a cup. Also, the canned tuna we had purchased was slightly lower in the calorie content than an article had stated. Breakfast I've never been one for black coffee. I usually used just skim-milk, so I wasn't missing the sugar. I had decided after drinking this that I really didn't mind it black, and might just start drinking it like that from then on.

My boyfriend had already gotten up and had his breakfast, so my half-grapefruit was cut and ready to go. The peanut butter seemed like it was about to spill over the toast, so I scooped some of it into a spoon and ate it like that. I felt fulfilled and not super hungry for about an hour afterward. Lunch When lunchtime came around, The boyfriend and I were like starved dogs.

I had eaten tuna with just oil and vinegar before, but plain tuna was a little dry. It was still welcome because Essay on the help was flipping hungry. The boyfriend was starting to seem a little discouraged, so I made it seem like I was fine. I knew he wasn't going to bow out unless I did. The coffee pot looked so tempting, but we both resisted the urge to grab second cups. Dinner Dinner was really similar to what we had been eating on a daily basis anyway. Because I was so hungry, I cut up my apple and sprinkled a little sea salt on it to munch on while I cooked the chicken breast.

I steamed the green beans, and baked the chicken with just a little lemon pepper on it. Best part of the day. I cut up half of the banana, and mixed them together. Breakfast I typically drink 2-3 cups of coffee every morning. The boyfriend had 2-3 every morning, and then switches to iced coffee with almond milk for the afternoon. We broke down and started drinking black coffee between breakfast and lunch. Essay on the help was positively no way we were going to make it through the next 36 hours on this diet sans coffee.

Lunch I enjoyed lunch, as I like cottage cheese and saltines. The boyfriend sulked through it. I gave him an extra hard boiled egg, so that his excess calories would come from protein. Dinner Somewhere between lunch at dinner, the hunger went away for the time being. By the time we ate dinner, I found myself getting full way before I had finished eating. Boyfriend had three hot dogs, instead of two. When I finished eating it was really simple to save the ice cream and half a banana for a snack later, I didn't have room for it at the time.

Wasn't about to dismiss it yet essay on the help. Haven't gotten on the scale, but I felt like I'd already lost a couple pounds. Day Three Breakfast: Cheese, saltines, and a small apple. Lunch: Hard-boiled egg and toast. Dinner: Tuna, banana, and vanilla ice cream.

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