I have to drop about 80-100 pounds. LikeLikeLikeLikeHad my cut to do last week… Found out on day essay on community service that I had a hernia, and was not going to be able to compete. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeVery interesting article, have known this for a long time as an avid boxing fan. He always comes to the ring in supreme shape and dominates his opponents.

LikeLikeSo i found this extremly helpful but im curious what exercise did you do each of those days. Would love to be dwn 25 to 35 lbs by Dec 4. Using this method, what would be the safest way to do so. Any information you could me would be greatly appreciated. Great Article with insane results. I had two questions, one being is it a good idea to work out as well during this 5 day weight cut. And how many times a month can an individual do these weight cuts if they for what ever reason had to. LikeLikeWhat if they needed to lose more weight.

Are there longer cutting periods than 5 days or is cutting for more than 5 days dangerous. Yes, I understand cutting weight is dangerous. Would cutting more than 5 days pose a greater risk is the question. Do you have any knowledge you can share for cutting 20lbs in a week or two and keeping it off. I am currently 178lbs and I would like to be in the 150lb range. Do you mind elaborating just a little bit more as to why. You are absolutely correct about this being a WATER weight loss program. Any weight loss over this is going to make essay on community service feel even worse, and either way, you eventually are going to drink something.

As soon essay on community service you do, your body is going to soak that water back up and your weight is going to go back up. Most people are forgetting the goal here is to loose the weight, then PUT IT BACK ON AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. I have run this protocol twice, dropping 18 lbs and 17 lbs each time in order to set a record in a powerlifting competition. After the weigh-in around 6 pmI immediately started drinking sports drinks and eating carbs. I actually was able to get back to my starting weight by 10 pm the same day.

This way, even though I set a record in the 75 kg class, I actually performed the lifts at a bodyweight of 83 kg. LikeLikeI am cutting for a weight loss competition which ends soon and I will begin this process later this week. I have a few questions. Thanks for reading and your helpfulness. Fiber will be great as it increases the thermic effect of feeding. Carrots, celery, leafy greens should be used. You can but keep in mind how close you are to competition, and be wary of how your body feels, rest and recovery. I typically run a 2-3km until 2 days prior unless i have to run the day before.

Though rolling at practice is fine, just be easy and stay warm. It may but keep in mind, if the temperature of the water is greater than the body you will need to dissipate heat. Your body will still sweat, think of it as a similar aspect in regards of highest to lowest concentration flow.

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