I don't have grapefruit that often, and when I do it's usually like once a year when I visit my grandparents in California, because they always have these different fruits available to eat already prepared in their refrigerator. I cut my grapefruit and began my walk to class, my peanut butter bread in a baggie in my backpack for later I was going to be smart about this diet and save the peanut butter bread for a snack and my coffee in my water bottle holder on my backpack. I shoved my earbuds in my ears, turned on my music, and stared at my grapefruit.

I was truly puzzled. I figured you were supposed to eat it like a bowl of cereal, so I brought a plastic spoon with me as well. My thoughts were as follows: LunchOne cup of coffee or tea with caffeine One slice of bread or toast whole wheat is best Half cup of tunaI'm sure that when most people see this, they get grossed out and decide they wouldn't be able to do this diet because of the tuna, but I love tuna, so I was excited.

And I mean, out of our lunches, this one was probably the best. I did the same thing with the coffee this time that I did in the morning - rather than drinking it with my meal, I had it in class and took my time drinking it. Surprisingly enough, this meal was actually pretty filing. It held me over for a long time, but not long enough. The afternoon snack cravings still kicked in, editing essay services I tried to fight them by distracting myself through homework and working out yes, in addition to the diet, I also worked outbut I couldn't do it.

Caved and stole the apple that I was supposed to have with dinner as a snack, and it was a great choice. DinnerThree ounces of any meatOne cup of green beansOne small appleHalf of a banana One cup of vanilla ice creamI would rank this as the best meal of the three days. I was so hungry when I went to eat it, because I couldn't have dinner until after 10 because I had rehearsal and I didn't want to get in our house chef's wayso I had my apple, like I editing essay services, as an afternoon snack, and I had my half banana right before I left for rehearsal.

My choice of meat was chicken, and I grilled it and my green beans in some olive oil and garlic salt. This was the first time I was cooking an actual real meal for myself, so I was nervous, but it turned out so good. It was delicious, and I'd make it again in a heart beat. Let me just tell you, one cup of ice cream is a lot. It's like three and editing essay services half scoops. I love ice cream to begin with, so I was so pumped about this.

I kept putting ice cream into the measuring cup and I just continued to get so excited. Editing essay services, the first day was pretty good. In order, the first is my meal, wow it was so juicy, editing essay services next is Courtney's and the last is Evan's Day 2BreakfastOne egg cooked however you like One slice of bread or toast whole wheat is best Half of a bananaI liked this breakfast better than day one's breakfast.

Maybe that's because there wasn't a foreign fruit for me to tango with, but I'm also a big fan of hard boiled eggs. And seeing as there was only one required hard boiled egg for the three days, I just hard boiled a bunch of eggs and decided to just have that be my cooking of choice anytime an egg was the editing essay services of choice. I always just ate my bread plain, because the bread I had was so good plain, and it just smelled so fresh. I was really upset with myself though, because I somehow picked bananas that were super bruised, so I never ate the entirety of it.

LunchOne hard boiled eggHalf a cup of cottage cheeseFive saltine crackersI've never been that big of a fan of cottage cheese, so I wasn't very excited about that aspect of the meal. I decided to have it first to get it over with, and after a couple of bites it wasn't too bad. As I said before, I am a big fan of hard boiled eggs, so I pumped for another egg at lunch. I was really surprised to learn that a serving of saltine crackers was only five crackers.

It was hard for me to only have five because I like crackers, so I had to keep the rest of the crackers away from me. DinnerTwo hot dogs no buns Half of a cup of carrotsOne cup of broccoliHalf a bananaHalf a cup of vanilla ice creamBecause this dinner was on the night of our chapter meeting, I didn't have access to the kitchen because when we have chapter meetings, we also all eat together, so the kitchen was taken up and I didn't want to get in anyone's way. I also didn't want to eat after rehearsal at ten o'clock again.

So, I decided to just eat everything raw. And I mean, it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't my favorite.

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