The same amount of lettuce, spinach, or tomatoesInstead of Carrots. A small salad or the same amount ppaers beetroot, bell pepper, or spinachInstead of Cheddar or Cottage Cheese. These both can be used interchangeably or 2 ounces of ham cold cuts or 2 eggs. Instead of Tea or Coffee. Green tea, kombucha tea, yerba mate, or sugar-free hot chocolate made with waterCan I do the 3 Day Diet for more than 3 days.

Any diet that recommends dieters eating less than 1200 calories a day is considered unsafe unless supervised by medical staff. Therefore, it is not recommended at all, but definitely not for more than 3 days. How much weight will I lose. This is highly subjective and almost impossible to answer. It mu on factors like metabolism, activity level, and so forth. All dieters following the plan to the T, should lose at least a few pounds of water weight and from having less digesting food material in their systems.

Can I substitute one food for do my homework write my papers. Just substitute a protein for a protein and a vegetable for a vegetable etc. For more clarification see the list directly above. Can I drink as much water as I want. Is the 3 Day Diet safe for diabetics. Diabetics should always consult their doctors before starting any new diet.

Because of the very low-calorie amounts, this diet could be dangerous for diabetics. Is this diet safe for children and teens. No, for many reasons. First, a growing child needs adequate calories and nutrition for development. This diet lacks both of those elements. Also, highly restrictive diets can set children up for potential eating disorders. Very low calorie diets: their efficacy, safety, and future. Annals of internal myy, 99 5675-684. Responsible and irresponsible use of very-low-calorie diets in the treatment of obesity.

Jama, 263 183-85. Adiponectin, inflammation, and the homewoork of the metabolic syndrome in obese individuals: the impact of rapid weight loss through caloric restriction. A preclinical model of binge eating elicited by yo-yo dieting and stressful exposure to food: effect of sibutramine, fluoxetine, topiramate, and midazolam. Psychopharmacology, 204 1113-125. Link Shake360 Review: Health Miracle or Overpriced Junk. Hey Rachel,I am not sure if you read the whole article.

I myself recommend this article. I came across multiple military weight loss article, those doesn't even talk anything related to weight loss. Steps here can be followed and I believe it will give result as well.

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