If your diet previous to the vegetable diet was low in fiber, your cramps may have been due to the sudden increase of fiber from the vegetable diet. Also, vegetables that are goos of the cabbage family broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower increase intestinal gas. Did you eat any of those during the one week diet. Your intestinal tract is one long muscle that rhythmically moves food along for further digestion or absorption.

Fiber increases this movement and the lack of fiber slows that movement. So if the fiber of your diet was suddenly increased, you may have felt some cramping. Instead, I would recommend a gradual increase of fiber over two or three weeks so that your intestines can adapt slowly. It sounds like you are off the diet now, but if the cramping continues, see your doctor. The part of your question I am concerned with is, why did you choose a vegetable diet to lose weight.

What were you planning to eat after you lost weight to maintain your lower weight. If you indeed need to lose weight follow a balanced diet from each of the Food Guide Pyramid Groups and a lower calorie intake no lower than 1,200 calories, however. Vegetables are low in calories and high in vitamins, but by themselves do not cause weight loss. Homewodk do you think about Instant Breakfast. Will it help me lose weight. PS I don't like breakfast. No, just drinking Instant Breakfast will not assure you of losing weight.

Your weight loss depends on a day's total food intake and total energy expenditure. Many of these ingredients are taken from milk nonfat dry milk, sweet dairy whey, calcium caseinate and lactose. So by adding Instant Breakfast powder to milk, do my homework how good is write my papers are doubling the protein and tripling the carbohydrate content.

It is essentially fortified double strength milk. Remember, half the protein comes from the milk you add to the powder. Go to your local grocery store. Compare the price of one serving of cereal with milk to one package of Instant Breakfast. Decide for yourself if cost is a factor. Both Instant Breakfast and cereal with milk have similar nutrient analyses and are breakfast food items. Also, both are usually eaten with milk added. Do my homework how good is write my papers also have mentioned that you don't like breakfast. If your choice is Instant Breakfast or nothing, drink the Instant Breakfast.

At least, it gets your body some nutrients right away wrte the morning. If you feel you need to lose weight, forget the liquid meal drinks. Try decreasing your calorie intake to no lower than 1200 calories per day. I've read some pretty convincing ads about starch blockers. Do they really work and can I really eat all the starch I want. I had thought we had heard the last of the starch blocker issue when the FDA banned them. Homewor, blockers do not prevent you from absorbing starch and do homewor, live up to their advertising claims.

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