Jet lag: Trends and coping strategies. Jet lag: Therapeutic use of melatonin and possible application of melatonin analogs. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. Using the argonne diet in jet lag prevention: Deployment of troops across nine time zones. Copyright 2002 - 2016 Virtual Medical Centre All Right Reserved. It was his first customer service essays out of North America, and with six time zones between the east coast of the While I was preparing for him to come, one thing turned into another, and what started off as a simple list of suggestions turned customer service essays a collection of every tip to avoid time zone tiredness.

These 52 recommendations form the basis of a jet lag fighting regimen focused on natural solutions, dietary adjustments, technological advances, and the smart use of medication and supplements. To some extent, jet lag will persist as long as humans are loading themselves into little metallic cylinders to hurtle through the atmosphere. So pack your bags, change your clocks, and get ready for the incredible miracle that is flight.

Here are 52 ways to feel your best upon arrival. This post contains affiliate links. The production of melatonin rises as the day creeps toward late evening, then drops in the early morning. The effects vary dramatically person to person. Jet lag is typically worse for nervous fliers, poor customer service essays, people who typically follow a strict routine, and those who start their trip tired.

Nonetheless, everyone from frequent fliers to backpackers headed to Europe for the first time can learn a thing or two from following these tips. In general, it takes about one day to recover from each time zone crossed. What follows is a list customer service essays 52 things you can do to reduce feelings of jet-lagged yuckiness. The best solutions to any problem are the simplest.

This mega-list of jet lag fighting tips begins with the natural ones. Use this to your favor before crossing time zones by dividing your day into two parts: one where you seek as much light as possible and another where you play vampire and stay in the dark. There are a lot of technological customer service essays to help you figure out how to best plan out this shift. Stick to club soda. Think of this as a way to save yourself for the partying ahead. Pack a sleep aid.

Valerian root is an herb that can be used as treatment for insomnia. You can buy some here. Instead, here are science-backed dietary recommendations to keep you energized, hydrated, and comfortable. The affect of altitude on your stomach can be compared to the hug of your overeager six-year-old niece. Anything associated with gas. You know that old song about the magical fruit. Think beans, onions, cauliflower, and cabbage. If taking in no food is too much of a challenge, consider opting for lighter meals instead.

Eat these foods for energy. Opt for fruit, fish, eggs, salad, green tea, and brown rice.

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