Im on the third day of this diet, and it works. Of course works because i eat nothing…i vomit from apple now, so after 2 days apple the cheese is sooooo gooood. But what i can say, im a sportsman, and im doing a tipical thin sport, my coach always give instructions to lose 4 pounds in 2 days, and its not easy. If your only here to bad mouth and disrespect the people who look to these diets for help then you should definatly leave. With people like you NO WONDER there are so many people wanting to get skinny and stop being judged.

I have just one question though. When you wrote that, Did it make you feel good about yourself. I hear thats what happens when people degrade others. If you starve yourself, generally you will become thinner. But, as soon as you go back to your normal diet it throws out your metabolism and you will gain weight faster than ever. If you want to get healthier, eat 6 SMALL portions of HEALTHY foods from ALL food groups and EXCERSISE. In my medical opinion, you will die before completing the 8 day diet plan outlined above.

Does any human being seriously believe a 2 day period of consuming only cheese could possibly be benificial. Are you a real Doctor or are you just trying to make your opinion more Valid. I heard you need to eat cottage cheese and steamed chicken. Is this right or can you eat any low-fat or normal cheese and maybe grilled chicken. Although I have never tried this plan, I can see how it would work.

For all of you that have said it is not healthy - think again…in all fairness, there is everything you need in the 8 days. Nutrition does not work on a daily basis it is accumulative over the period of several day. There is natural fibre, natural sugars, natural proteins, natural fats and natural carbohydrates over the course of several days. If you are currently consuming too many calories you will gain weight, we all know that….

If you go back to eating to many calories, you WILL gain weight. BUT - if you watch what you eat thereafter, moderate your calorie intake, custom essay writers really cheap will be fine. It is not rocket science. Think of your body as a car…. If you put to much petrol or gas for you North Americans. Dont put enough in and it will stall. Put the right amount in and it works perfectly well. That will only last for a short period of time. Those who loose huge amounts in the first week - that is watre, but for those people who are doing this on a long term stretch and still loosing weight - that cannot be water.

And - sorry, but assuming that your are exercising moderately, it would never be muscle wastage either. So, make your own choice. If you dont fancy it - dont do it. If you do fancy it - give it a go. I think I may well do. Custom essay writers really cheap lost 14 lbs on this diet in 1978 and did not regain it. And you have to eat the same cheese. Hi interesting to read all your comments. I did do this diet and lost around 5-6 kgs. As long as you know this is a quick fix for a special occasion you can be very sensible about it.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle change and one you need to keep for the rest of your life. Good luck to anyone who does do it but again you must realize that it is really a quick fix. For anyone that wants to diet, it will not work. One must change their eating habits for the weight to stay off. I have never tried this one but I have a different lifestyle when it comes to eating and it works for me.

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