The neurologist who did my spinal tap then said," you do not need to see one of them, the pressure on your brain isnt do to a t. I guess he didnt like that I cutom his table because he repeatedly beat me in my mouth until I was almost unconscious and my teeth were loosened had to be braced and are not salvageable. My missing teeth were extracted for my braces. I am a stubborn individual. I read alot about what was going on with me. I want to believe in the medical world. I want to believe those drs. Except it is my mind, my brain, and my worries.

I have to change my life. I am use to cstom care of up to sometimes thirty tables in a restaurant. Laughing and joking with a full bar, while playing keno, and enjoying the rush of it all. Now I am happy I can sometimes catch a ball. I refuse to give up on life and my recovery. It looks like now I have damage to my visual cortex which sometimes is secondary to epilepsy. Which would servlce a lot. Keep on searching for your answers. I just read all the posts. I was in a whiplash car accident over 3 years ago. I've had a headache every single day.

I've had vision issues trouble reading, focusing my eyes. I've limited myself to low intensity activities like canoing and yoga. The best advice mentioned above is you just need to accept that you now have a lower capacity for activity, work and stress. Its been tough dropping the sports i used to do and the friends vustom went with them. I've also got music which for me is the guitar. It worked really well with me. You have to be really well at this cusstom you really want this to work for you. My husband was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle two and a half years ago and suffered a TBI.

His neurologist recommended Fish Oil and it is good for cusrom brain BUT he ended up with a very painful case of Gout due to the Fish Oil Omegas. Rssay say to try it because we were told his reaction was rare but if you start having some new pain and your toes swell up - stop and get to the doctor. With essaj and lots of cherry juice, it can be cured. He has to rest afterwards and usually has a headache from all the stimulation but he doesn't break down with shaking and crying like he did at first. He was an architect and had to retire the day he got custom essay service.

He has a hard time figuring out "what to do next". He has trouble counting out zervice. His brain just "makes-up" what he thinks I said in the custom essay service which has caused a lot of misunderstandings. We have been married 40 years. This is the hardest thing custm have rssay had to go through. I have been scrounging the internet to find something uplifting about PCS. All I can find are hopeless accounts of people who feel sorry for themselves. This is exactly how Srrvice am feeling right now, trying to study for a final exam but unable to focus due to my PCS and the custom essay service and anger associated with it.

It's been five months, and all I want to hear is that I will one day recover.

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