While the first 3 days of the diet have a set menu, the remaining 4 days are far less restrictive. You should stick to a healthy, well-balanced diet and keep your calorie intake below 1,500. The only thing to comply with is the number of calories you consume. J And of course I decided to record my experience and results to share with you all. Please keep in mind as you read onthis is my personal experience on this diet, in no way shape or form do I claim to be a dietician or nutritionist.

This is solely a recollection of my personal experience on the 3 day Military Diet. Well from all my research I found that The Military Diet is an approx. The claim is that the combinations of food chemically breakdown each other to achieve ultimate fat burn and helps stimulate weight loss. Honestly I was sold when collegs said I could pretty much eat vanilla ice cream every night and lose weight.

J Oh yea, did I mention you get to have ice cream. So… did it work for me. Well let me start by sharing the food plan and how I felt college scholarship essay help day on the diet schooarship give you a little perspective. Hrlp, I did not weigh myself for the 3 days I was on the diet, I weighed college scholarship essay help on day 4which is when I was fully back to my normal routine. How do people drink this stuff black. You are not allowed to add milk collgee sugar, you can add a natural no calorie sweetener like Stevia if you want, but honestly I just chugged it with a straw and got it over with LOL.

You can substitute with caffeinated tea if you are not a coffee drinker also. Lunch was more like a snack so I was fine with that, I added a little salt and pepper to the tuna to offset some of the canned taste and dinner was the best part of course because I got to have me some vanilla ice cream. I thought I was going to feel hungry or deprived during this diet, but honestly I felt pretty satisfies, but I do have to say I felt a little weird all day, almost like my stomach was digesting all day and at some points I felt a little nauseous, at first I thought it was me, but my sister did this diet with me and she said she felt the same too.

I think hlep was the foods kind of burning away and jump starting my metabolism that made me feel that way. Of course you might not feel this wayit all depends on the person. Did you try it. How did you feel on Day 1. Share with me in the comment. Day 2 was not bad either, breakfast was pretty satisfyingthe original diet does not call for coffee for Day 2 breakfast, but I did xollege a cup because I had gone to the gym at 5 am that morning and had to go to workso yes college scholarship essay help girl needs her caffeine fix Scholagship.

Today I notice I felt cravings, not really hungry hungry, but I just kept thinking about foods I wanted to eat when day 4 came, yes not effective at all. LOL I mean I was never the one to deprive myself of foods I love to eat to keep fit, I like to combine regular exercise and portion control to maintain my weight. Anyways, lunch was pretty gross because of the cottage cheese, YUCK. But the hardboiled egg and the saltine crackers hit the spot.

I topped it off with a cup of green tea to wash it all down. The diet allows you to drink as much tea as you want, so I naturally went for the green tea as it helps boost your metabolism too. Dinner was fantasticit was very filling and the portions were ginormous and to top it off ICE CREAM. OMG I live for that ice cream college scholarship essay help. The portions were small and the food was bleh. Breakfast was not that badI think the cheddar cheese made it all okay somehow LOL.

The diet did not specify what a "slice of cheddar" really was so I improvised the college scholarship essay help based on the single portion size on the label.

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