I have had weight loss surgery and have to take in 70-90 grams of protein shakes per day. Will this interfere with the plan?. ON day 4 it says nothing about water. Should we still have our water. My daughter and I are getting ready to give college essays service a try starting in the morningToday is day 7 for me. I am going to look at the calendar and try again when I can figure out a good time to do so.

I am at 152 pounds ccollege want to lose college essays service pounds then stay between 135-139. I have always follege a big girl, but I have made a ton of changes in my life, food is one of them. I have started this diet today. My starting weight is 155 pounds I will continue to post my progress as i essajs on this journey. Hopefully I can get to my goal weight loss of 10lbs. Starting college essays service 6 off college essays service 149 pounds even. I am following this diet perfectly. Several coworkers and myself are starting this on Monday next week.

Have a few questions…. Can you drink Vitamin Water during this diet. I have seen that you can use watermelon in place of the tomatoes…if that is correct, serice much watermelon. Is this diet safe for people who have irritable bowel. Can you use sweet potatoes in the soup and Lipton Onion Soup mix. If you replace onions in the soup with cauliflower, how much cauliflower should be used.

Vitamin water is fine. Use 24-28 ounces of watermelon if you are replacing 6-7 tomatoes. People who have irritable bowel should consult with their doctor before going on any diet. Potatoes are esswys allowed for the soup, you may use Lipton low-sodium Onion Soup Mix. Use 72 ounces of cauliflower. I do still want to stick out the diet just need to know what to eat for breakfast on those days. In your case you can make the soup from vegetables you like to eat. So forgot to ask. For the beans can you eat garden peas field peas or butter beans.

Can you have chocolate milk. If not can i add any kind of chocolate to my milk or anything else. And we can put butter on potato and spices. Thanks again for being so patience. White bean, Cranberry borlotti bean and Flageolet are recommended. Can use small amount of butter, spices are OK. Servvice do not like water. Also i use stevia in my decafinated tea. So colege the tea essags drink count colleg my water. Thanks you for answering all those questions and thanks for sharing this diel.

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