Real person just looking to lose weight. It did stop my over eating and I lost 4 pounds that week. Could that be what is happening here. BTW-I neither sell, nor promote PS. I also chose not to take PSA as I investigated the ingredients and decided it might pose a risk to me as a person with A-fib and a stimulant-sensitive system.

Now that I have expressed myself I suppose I will be derided for being stupid, ignorant, hateful, smelly or whatever else someone wishes to label me with. God bless you and bring His peace into your hearts and minds. WRONGI am doing a ketosis diet which is made from clean foods, low starchy carbs and plenty of protein. Is she the one selling this stuff. Is she part of the company. I just heard college essay writing service this product today and was very excited to read about it… until Sylvia opened her mouth. This is why obesity is such an college essay writing service in this country.

Many folks are simply too lazy to attempt losing weight the natural way. I am not knocking plexus, but I am annoyed by the number of folks out there jumping from one weight loss supplement to the next…. Get off your tails, folks. Eat healthy, do cardio, strength train. Plus, Plexus is about getting healthy from the inside out. It was designed for Type 2 Diabetics. Weight loss is merely a side effect. Stop the accelerator for now and if you would like the materials to take to your doc, get in touch with me on FB under this name.

Question: did your Ambassador warn you or give a hand out on it. They include a write up on each ingredient. Phillygirld In my opinion, here is what Sylvia is missing in her post in regards to your racing heart, and I hope you are better. Without clinical data supporting it, how does know that your racing heart was not caused by college essay writing service PS, the Accelerator, or a combination of the two.

This is ill advice coming from a person not qualified to make this decision. Phillygilrd, my advice, and not a healthcare provider is to stop BOTH immediately, then go see your healthcare provider. Your heart racing may be caused from some underlying condition not even related to PS. As a healthcare provider let me weigh in. We probably are not going to know what ingredient caused your problem or IF it caused your problem. So we are going to tell you to stop the product and if your complaint is something that can lead to a significant medical problem, we will recommend tests.

FDA approved products have gone through clinical trials that provide us with data to access when you present with a complaint. I just started taking Plexus Slim too, along with one accelerator and listen to my body so when I begin to feel a bit of that racing feeling you are talking about, I drink water… which is what is recommended and i think that feeling comes on as my body is depleted and toxins need flushing I need more water.

As soon as I have a large glass of water, that feeling is gone. Also I only take one accelerator with the drink. Perhaps taking more than one college essay writing service not the right dose for you. I agree with Sylvia, stop taking the accelerator. You should be drinking have your body weight in ounces of water daily. For instance 100 pounds would be 50 ounces of water. When you are feeling like your heart is racing it would be because either.

You are a coffee drinker. You need to eat after you take the Accelerator and drink water.

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