How much lean beef, can i use whole wheat saltines, should i cook the carrots, does the broccoli and cauliflower need to be streamed. And i have another version of this diet that doesn't mention beets it says carrots. Sorry so many questions. I was doing the hcg diet and just couldn't take it any more. I like that this is only 3 days at a time. I might even coplege able to get my hubby to try iti was 6'3" 280 before the diet.

It is very good to kick start a life change, but the permanent results are how you take care of yourself after the 3 days. The thing of it is if we're over weight we will college essay help writing have to dietso we might just as we'll have a diet that works and is good for usdiet really work and it's only 3days out f the week, back in the 80's it used to be 4 days on and 3 days offThis really do wOrk, I lost 4lbs the first day. That alone motivated to continue. I honestly was never hungry. This "diet" definitely works for me. A little headache the second day but nothing I couldn't handle.

I feel great and will start again Tuesday on the 3 day regime. I am sick of people saying this college essay help writing is a scam and is unhealthy. I don't think so. It's a great way to get rid of the excess weight. If you are on a statin medication you should not have grapefruit of any kind as it will nullify the statin drug. I did this diet during a competition with my in laws during our version of "Biggest Loser" right before I got married.

I lost 6-8 pounds each time I did it. I started it in February and ended in April. In the end I lost about 19 lbs. It is very hard and it takes a lot of dedication. It was recommended to me by my aerobics instructor. I will say day 2 is a lot harder because you eat less and for me because I do not each cottage cheese writnig beets it was very difficult. I actually skipped those tisk tisk but I still managed to lose some pounds.

Best of luck to you easay. I have collfge weight myself. I started today and 4-29-14 I weighed myself this morning before starting collegw just doing ckllege breakfast and lunch I have lost 2lbs. Cant wait to weigh myself in the morning. I did get a slight headache but drinking plenty of water will help with that. I have a few friends that just completed this. Those that exercised lost 10lbs and more those that didn't exercise lost 4-6lbs. It's only 3 days give it a try. I used it as a way of life, lost 37 s. Did it for 3. Then remarried, moved away from college essay help writing and friends, couldn't deal with it.

Got extremely depressed, went off diet gained 20 s back. Started back on this diet this morning. Am as determined now as I was 4 years ago. I will take it back off. No more fat me. I JUST STARTED THIS DIET TODAY, I FEEL A LITTLE TIRED. CAN YOU TAKE B-12 VITAMINES WITH THIS DIET. I need to lose about 140 lbs. I think I'lluse this weekly, balancing the other 4 days following a weight watchers plan until I get about half the college essay help writing off I want to lose.

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