Going from having no sugar apart from what is naturally in fruit I think made me feel that way. It's not healthy at all, neither is loosing weight that fast. It won't stay off if you resume a normal diet after a week surely?. I'm gonna give this diet a go starting today. Or is this just part of the diet that can't be overcome. I would like to lose about a stone and half, but would really like at least a stone by Christmas. Worcwster just couldn't keep it up. But why eat eggs everyday.

And because it was from your mother in law I am not interested, I don't trust my mother in law she wants to harm me!!. The weight has stayed off as well although Jelp still need to lose more. I really want to go back to worcetser but can't get myself into it. I keep starting and stopping. The one tip Hflp have is drink plenty of water or grapefruit juice. Having lots of fluid is key in this diet otherwise you will get headaches etc. Anyway, do you think the grapefruit could be replaced?. I absolutely hate it.

I hate grapefruit too but stuck with collfge a grapefruit when it said to. Just think it's only a week and the results for me were worth it. It makes me heave so it's not possibe for me. Will keep a blog on here to let college essay help worcester ma know how i get on. Also cani drink squash. If it works i will try to carry on once every 3 weeks. Feeling lighter but not going to weight myself till next tuesday morning as i will just give in if i dont see immediate results. Will keep you updated. One thing i have craved this evening is a cuppa tea and a nice slice of hot brown buttery toast lol.

I don't think I will have enough e energy to work out but desperately need to have good results by the end of the week. We are doing the biggest loser contest at work and I am 5 th place so far and have seem to hit a platow after losing 12 pounds in 5 mw. I was hoping this will get me going again. I was really looking forward to the steak collegge tonight however not quite so wrcester without seasoning. Well good luck all, and I hope I will last until day seven. Went on a hen weekend and drank loads and checked the scales yesterday and I had put 2 back on. I am back on it again this week for the full week and hoping to lose 10 pounds this time ready for my holiday next week.

I plan on doing a week on and a week off whilst being kind of healthy on the week off. Originally Posted by Sara F 4 Hi, You did really well. I also cheated a small amount as on the first day I forgot the grapefruit and Belp drank a couple cans of coke zero also. I didn't find it hard, but colege find it a bit boring!. Worcestsr you can eat colllege much as you like of the food they state I didn't get hungry at all, but did get sick of esay and salad and thats why I did only 5 days. I then went on holiday for 10 days and ate and college essay help worcester ma a lot.

Starting it again today, just had dinner and drinking a can of diet coke to keep me interested. It will be a boring week, but the results are worth it. Im going to stick at it as i go away on the 13th so any extra poundage i can lose will be a bonus.

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