I'm definitely going to try this one starting tomorrow. And I will post my results I just have a couple questions. And by toast can we just just any type of bread and then toast it or do we buy toast made already. For protein shake or bar do you recommend a certain brand. Also for the cheddar cheese can we just use the slice one from Kraft for sandwiches. You just want something that will work, so it is very understandable. To answer your questions.

All you need is water to boil the egg. If you cook the egg in a pan, you are more likely to add butter or other ingredients. You do not want to by the premade toasts because more preservatives are added to the bread to keep it crisp. I do recommend to get one that is not filled with chocolate chips or any other candy like bars. Try and keep it as simple as possible. It should be taken to curb your hunger. Adding candy or chocolate to the protein bar, because of the high sugar, may make you feel like you're still hungry.

Drink one for dinner to give you that extra push of motivation. DO NOT drink a six pack though. Because of the chemical breakdown, it is continuing to burn college essay help orange county fat chemically. So your body may not be able to handle high impact exercises. The minute you feel dizzy, take that break. It is also recommended to check with your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. Hi, the reason for going only 3 days of the diet, is because of the chemical breakdown.

You don't want your body to think that this is a new way of eating and you'll see your body adapt to the new food intake instead of burning the fat. Please do not forget to share your results. Today is day 3. How many pounds have you lost. I've lost 38 pounds so far I am glad I went to your colelge and started using your 3 day system its working great so thank you. Lost 17 pounds in 2 weeks. The first week I lost 10. Weighed myself EVERY morning.

Co,lege stuck to the diet to the tee, with the exception of the egg. Sorry but the yokes do me in. I had 3 egg whites instead of 1 whole egg. Drank 8-10 full glasses 10oz collegf of water and did NOT eat protein bars or drink shakes orznge meals. If I was hungry, I drank h2O. I also drink tea and black coffee with no seeetner. I had to choke down the tuna - patoowee. Bumblebee albacore is the best.

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