The label will tell you if it blocks both types of UV rays. Standard procedures for treating college essay editing services include drinking water or sports drinks to replace lost body fluids. Taking Tylenol will reduce your headache, chills or fever. A cool bath will ease the damaged skin, and afterwards apply a light moisturizer. Stay out of the sun while your sunburn is healing, or cover it up. Take an American Red Cross First Aid course before you leave to brush up on emergency first aid procedures.

Returning from your International Marathon: Symptoms to watch for:Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, nausea, fatigue, poor appetite, yellowing eyes and skin, fits, shivering, dark urine, drowsiness, itching, coughing, spots on body, bleeding gums or blood in urine. Common sense always prevails, and I pack it. This first aid kit list is comprehensive, and when everything is put together, can be quite bulky and weigh a pound or two. If you are traveling to another westernized country like Australia, New Zealand, England, or other Western European countries like France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Monaco, etc, you might consider leaving the basic first aid contents like blister pads, gauze, disinfectant, college essay editing services aids, lozenges, scissors, tweezers, tape, etc, at home, and buying college essay editing services if the need arises in these countries.

The above countries have well stocked pharmacies and knowledgeable college essay editing services. Purell to effectively and quickly clean hands before any eating, drinking, food handling, etc. Pack your medications in your carry on bag. Last year, 30 million suitcases and bags were temporarily lost in transit worldwide, and 240,000 bags never reached their owners. The Ultimate First Aid Kit for International Marathons: Antimalarial medications, if applicable. Antihistamine that you have used before.

Over the counter antihistamines include chlopheniramine or Benadryl. Decongestant that you have used before for head cold or flu. Use an spf of 80 or higher. In my opinion you need maximum protection when holidaying, especially in tropical countries. Thermometer Antacid or Pepto Bismol Lotrimin, Imodium or Pepto Bismol for diarrhea Azithromycin or ciprofloxacin for diarrhea, as recommended by your physician Oral rehydration solution packets. Ask your pharmacist for Oral Electrolytes Oral, Pedialyte, Exceed, or IAMAT Oral Rehydration Salts.

These come in small packets or sachets with powder containing Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Dextrose Monohydrate. Although these come in liquid form, the constraints of packing liquid containers make the powder packets your best bet for travel. Antifungal cream Antibacterial hand gel Antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin or bacitracin Antiseptic cream or Betadine for cuts and grazes, or antiseptic towelettes Gauze pads for abrasions and large cuts Adhesive bands in assorted sizes Adhesive tape Disposable gloves Small scissors Tweezers Anti blister tape.

Another good anti-blister pad by Johnson and Johnson is called UltraHeal Multi-Day Pads. These foam rubber tubes fit around your toes and protect them from further blistering. Neoprene ankle support available in Acknowledgements: the author wishes to thank Dr. Mark Ochenrider, primary care physician and international travel medicine specialist at Eastside Family Health Center, Kirkland, Washington, for his expert advice and assistance with this article. Disclaimer: The author and Dr. Ochenrider intend the information in this article to be a general guideline for the runner traveling overseas to do a marathon.

This information is not intended to replace medical advice given by a physician. As we cannot anticipate any particular medical situation you may find yourself in, we cannot be responsible in any way for any and all direct or indirect applications or misapplications of the information offered here to any medical problems you might encounter. We strongly recommend you meet with your physician to discuss any and all medical problems you may encounter while traveling, before you leave the We cannot stress enough the importance of seeking medical advice for any and all medical situations you may find yourself in when the problems occur in foreign lands, no matter how trivial they may seem at the time.

You can find additional running information at my running website: www. Life is full of oxymorons. So what has caffeine got to do with napping. The phenomenon was first studied by British scientists at Loughborough University, looking into ways to combat driver sleepiness. The caffeine nap was most effective at improving driving performance, virtually eliminating the mid-afternoon drowsiness peak that the other groups exhibited.

The reason it works so well is because it takes around 20 minutes for the body college essay editing services respond to the effects of caffeine. By taking a short nap immediately after consumption, the stimulant effect kicks in just as you are waking up. A comfy sofa or armchair will do.

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