You still Get the carbs in somehow. I was staggered to work out I was munching a kilo of crisps a week. A packet of McCoys with lunch 250g a week. Plus probably three bags of the esday crisps 150g bags. Comunity a couple of packs when in pub so other 250-300g pr so. Plus some college essay community service scratchings. That is about 5,000 empty pointless srrvice a week. A kilo of crisps is a shtiload. Bread is because I love home baked bread with lots of proper slated butter colege it. Doorsteps, croissants, baguettes, pave, you name it, I will demolish it.

I am a pigheaded sod and am denying myself booze unless I have exercised off at least 1k cals that day. I actually don't feel particularly hungry or lethargic. Because my body has adjusted now and is munching its fat. I am conscious to eat as much protein as I can find and to do at least one heavyish weights session a week. It is coming off at about 5lbs a week. But that will obviously slow. I can tell I am climbing hills on the pushbike slightly less badly and a 10k run has got easier still sodding slow but if you cross a gorilla with a sloth you're never going to be whippet fast.

Blokes find it easier to measure everything. This where I find myfitnesspal a real help. Esxay am bored of boots shapers and two up already though. We are good at keeping to it when we can see the target and it's a number and a challenge. I am also drinking about 3. Is it textbook, of course not, will I stick with it, hopefully. I am Also taking one day a week off, So serice as I have done the exercise in the morning again 1k cals plus then I eat what I want and will have a night on the collegee.

But still no crisps. You have years to work on your weight don't rush it, set a long term goal, say in a year from now im gonna have lost x inches from my waist that's a better metric that massit gives you time to experiment, find strategies that work for you etc, short time goals just adds unneeded pressure, you need to fail, to learn, allow yourself time to do that. You can always hit your goals sooner, you have to manage your own expectations. The weight will look after itself. Anything that promises super fast weight loss is bad and no use in the long term. Anything that requires you essaay regularly eat horrible food is bad and not something that setvice will communit.

Counting calories and points might give a focus to dieting, but it just comes co,munity to "don't eat rubbish and don't eat too much". I wasn't fat by most people's standards, and was much thinner than most men in their late 30s, but I've lost almost a stone since Xmas. I've not counted calories, I eat a lot of nutritious food, drink alcohol moderately, drink lots of water and I have made an effort to maintain regular exercise cardio-vascular and strength-based it had all reduced since having children, but is now back collegf to my previous standards.

All of the news stories about exercise not helping people lose weight are nonsense -if the exercise is sufficiently strenuous and long enough in duration. Admittedly, a typical morbidly obese person might struggle to actually perform the exercise, though. This blog is all about college life. The lessons you learn the hard way in college including: college essay community service, budgeting, being successful, etc.

I will definitely be changing the font. I agree with Anonymous. Change your font I had a hard time reading. I did enjoy reading your post on the 3 day Military Communify Plan. I appreciate your honesty. I'm thinking of trying it.

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