Introduction Nutrition and the military are fundamentally entwined. The history of military nutrition There are many examples in history that illustrate the impact of feeding provision on the success or college application essay writing service of military campaigns. Nutrition on operational deployment On operations or on military exercises, if a field kitchen seevice fresh food are not available, UK military personnel subsist on Operational Ration Packs ORPs provided by their chain of command.

Examples of meals college application essay writing service within 24 h multi-climate ration pack. Contents of a 10-man operational ration pack menu Feeding wounded soldiers There is considerable debate with regards to the timing and route of feeding and composition of feed for sedated patients on intensive care. Current work The INM and RCDM are undertaking a study, commissioned by the Surgeon Collebe, to investigate how pre-injury nutritional status influences the course of recovery and rehabilitation following combat injury.

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