My friends consider me a paleo eater. The Gordon CarrierHow is getting joy out of eating ice cream from time to time not a cheat meal. Ice cream is a normal choice, so is bread. KevinKristinMy favorite cheat is wings. John CatonKristinThey are hardly pastured organic chickens. WenchypooI wish I could cheat, but 2 things hold me back: 1. John CatonI mean this in fun, Victor, but you sound a lot like that serpent who was talking to Eve, prior to her cheat.

If you feel like eating something, then eat it. Do your best to eat the stuff that you know is doing your body good. But at holidays, cheat days essat whatever day it is…. RELAX and unclench your collegee cheeks. Cheat comes with a whole load of guilt where as choice implies a reasoned thought around what you are about to do. For myself, colleeg freedom I have around this lifestyle of getting off the sugar addition, never counting calories, applixation to myself to relearn when I am full and now the total disinterest distrust and at time disgust around processed food means that I have lost a lot of negative self talk.

WildroseI also find that a single wrapped up Godiva chocolate will do me as a treat and I have no urge to eat more. Groktimus PrimalGreat article, especially for those looking for a get out of jail free card. I am not strictly Primal but more VHFLC and pretty strict…most of the time. When I do go off I put lots of life into living and do it with abandon.

My abandon is probably more like a standard American diet. Maybe 400 grams of carbs once in a blue moon. Maybe from Blue Moon beer actually. In any case I can gain 6 pounds in three to four days of debauchery on a trip. I nibbled on a couple of grain products over the holidays and college application essay writing help for it with allergic reactions. For the most part, I stay primal and count grams of carbs - keeping daily intake between 40-100 grams. After 50 pounds of weight loss over a year and a halfstill losing and no longer pre-diabetic.

As long as I get my healthy fats in the am and protein at night, I have no cravings or desire to change my diet. JacobHave you tried corn chips. SumoFitbambooJacob esway I usually eat garden of eatin blue corn chips. KristinDoes protein in the am make you hungry. I try to keep carbs around 60 grams a day. I like bitter sweet chocolate as a snack, once in awhile.

College application essay writing help type 1 diabetes make you process protein, differently. Try to add some some extra butter, olive oil or coconut oil to your meals. KristinI think I process everything quickly. For some strange reason protein, low or high fat messes me up in the morning. I need it with lunch and dinner for sure.

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