I found this post on Pinterest, just thought you would like to know. James,Thank you for your interest and kind comments. So I would think your choice would do the same thing to jump start the diet just not help as much with the water weight. Green vegetables, seeds and nuts are high in magnesium, which also helps relieve water retention. Foods which are high in fiber such as whole grain cereal, whole grain rice and cabbage help with digestion, and relieve water retention and bloating. Yogurt also helps with digestion, and helps to reduce water retention.

Ginger tea is a natural diuretic that can help with several health issues, including water retention. I started this diet on the 2 of Jan. I have done it every week. I have only lost 10 pounds so far. I didn't really think I could lose 10 pounds in three days. I like this diet because I can stick with it. Just having trouble not seeing any more weight loss. Is there some thing I should do to get over the hump.

When I did weight watchers I always had to have a splurge day or I hit a plateau. I did not do this diet over and over again, I waited for my weight to settle. Meaning I waited until the "I Feel Skinny" wore off and I felt uncomfortable in my skin again to start the diet again. I didn't have to gain weight back to feel that way. But I was curious to know if there's an alternative you can eat instead of Tuna allergies. Also I was wondering if doing this diet and working out will make you over exhausted and want to eat more.

I would love to loose at least 20lbs-30lbs and get back down to my skinny weight. Substitutes for Tuna include:The same amount of tofu, cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, 2 ounces cooked chicken, or 30 whole almonds or peanuts. I did not exercise a lot during this diet because of the low calorie intake even though the blog I read it on recommended it. I think its dangerous to restrict yourself to so few calories and then work out to the point of exhaustion. I did leg lifts and light exercises while on this diet, nothing major though.

Is there a certain kind of Vanilla Ice Cream that you have to eat or is it any kind. Is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ok. Can I way something different than the cottage cheese and climate change man made write my argumentative paper grapefruit. For the Grapefruit: Any other piece of fruit in its place. For the Cottage Cheese: 2 ounces of ham coldcuts or 2 eggs or slice of cheddar cheese. I did not feel tired or exhausted at all after working out and it actually made it easier to eat the food climate change man made write my argumentative paper it would make me hungry where if I didn't work out I wouldn't want to eat anythingIF you wanna lose weight, get rid of wheat.

I have lost 17 lbs in 2 months. I have so much energy and my stomach is always flat. I lost ten pounds in a month, but that was without exercise. To insert a product link, follow these steps:1. Nothing more, nothing less. After all, it can be hard to keep your motivation at peak levels when you are not seeing a reward from your efforts. This is precisely why so many people are excited to try the Military Diet. In fact, you can expect to lose as much as 10 pounds in just 7 days when following this diet plan precisely. As a result, there simply is no better way to shed a few extra pounds before a big event in your life.

Are you thinking that 10 pounds in 7 days sounds too good to be true.

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