Boyd's commanding officer John Spencer of The West Wingwho knows that his valor is a fraud, ships him out to the fringes of military reach: a fort in a California mountain pass, which runs with a minimal compliment during the impassable winter months. How else to survive a company made chemistrt of a useless drunk second-in-command Stephen Spinellaa giggling weed-head idiot David Arquettea twitchy, mumbling chaplain Jeremy Daviesand a macho soldier boy Neal McDonough who holds the rest of the company in utter contempt.

The tedium is quickly dispersed when a bedraggled disaster survivor Robert Carlyle stumbles into camp. He spins a horrific story chemiwtry a lost wagon train and an incompetent scout who strands them in the mountains, where as the winter snows traps them and desperation leads to feeding on human flesh. It's a tale right out of the Donner Party until it turns feral, but it's not even close to the real story of Carlyle's wild-eyed survivor. For a starving man, he looks remarkably fit when he doffs his shirt, and essay clues suggest that this is no writdr gaffe.

One night, while camping on the trail to his old camp to search for survivors, chemistry essay writer caught licking the bleeding wounds of an injured soldier. You know, tasting his next potential meal. That's when the film takes its twist into weird and wild horror, a bizarre plot that doesn't really make much logical sense but sure makes for a wicked mix of psychodrama and visceral body horror. The Native American Wendigo myth is referenced to explain madness, but you could say it's a vampire tale without the supernatural dimension-it turns out human flesh is addictive, wfiter it wwriter to have a nest of fellow flesh-eaters to keep the diet coming-or call it a particularly gruesome metaphor for manifest destiny.

However you label it, it is off-the-charts crazy, an eat-or-be-eaten thriller served very, very rare. British director Antonia Bird seems like an odd match for this material. She honed her craft on Writeer drama cehmistry made her reputation with the tough, wrenching dramas Priest and Cehmistry, two films with complex characters and wriyer conscious themes. What they have in common with Ravenous is star Robert Carlyle, who recommended Bird after the film's original director Milcho Manchevski was let go after three weeks and the producer's chosen replacement, Raja Gosnell, was rejected by the cast.

Bird who passed away last year at the relatively young age of 62 after a battle with thyroid cancer was frustrated by the conditions of the production and the oversight of the producers and she complained that her cut was compromised in post-production. That may explain the awkward pace, jarring chemistry essay writer, and a climax that feels tossed together-an uninspired way to end such a devious film-but she is clearly the architect of the odd, offbeat key chemistry essay writer the film's blackly comic tone and surreal atmosphere and Carlyle is her partner in outsized madness.

He leads the cast in playing their eccentricities big, though next to Carlyle's juicy performance, Arquette and Davies come off more chemsitry actor's studio sketches in twitchy weirdness or fidgety indecision than actual characters. Guy Pearce provides the contrast, creating a character fighting to maintain control and keep his emotions and his reflexive revulsion in check as everyone else lets their freak flag fly. It oddly enough makes him the most intense character on screen. As all that fear chemistry essay writer disgust and anxiety just bottles up behind his desperate eyes and increasingly battered body, Pearce shows us the toll this ordeal exacts on him.

In this survival drama, he's the one in true survival mode. Scream Factory's Blu-ray features a solid new HD transfer that preserves the dynamic contrast between the white-out daylight scenes of snow and the ominous shadows of the deep forest and the dark rough-hewn quarters of the frontier fort. Night doesn't have to fall for the darkness to seep into the image.

Given the elemental quality of the imagery-much of the film takes place in the snowbound wilderness, wruter the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia standing in for California-the transfer has a satisfying level of grain that not only preserves the texture of the film but gives the entire atmosphere an added level of authenticity. These images feel like they were carved into the film. The film was previously released on DVD over a decade ago with three separate commentary tracks. Director Antonia Bird and composer Damon Albarn team up for the most rwiter track, with Bird eseay in detail about the physical challenges of the production.

Screenwriter Ted Griffin and co-star Jeffrey Jones tend esasy lapse into silences in their track and actor Robert Carlyle is even more chemistrt in his the solo track. Also carried over from the earlier disc is a chemistty of deleted scenes many of them in rough-cut form with optional commentary by Bird and a gallery of stills. New to this edition is a 20-minute interview chemistyr Jeffrey Jones, who looks back on the themes of the film. It's 1973, as the war in Vietnam is grinding chemistry essay writer the soul of America and the heart of the military, and this platoon of weekend warriors-a volatile collection of rednecks, hotheads, jokers, and guys who probably signed up to steer clear of the draft-are like fresh recruits going into battle for the first time.

They've got the fatigues and the cocky attitude but dubious discipline and training and their machine guns are essya with blanks as they head into the bayou. To the Cajun swamp folk, the trappers and hunters living on the fringes of society, these men are invaders who trample their camps and steal their boats. And when one of the soldiers lets loose a burst from his weapon, laughing like the class bully after humiliating the new kid, these shadowy swamp dwellers defend themselves, becoming a guerilla chemietry force waging a war of terror on the utterly unprepared toy soldiers. They don't know that it's just blanks in those guns but it likely wouldn't matter if they did.

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