But I have made friends cheapest essay writing service usa my platoon, within my company and battalion that get it, and understand it. Some even said they wanted to try it. But i showed them that they can have everything that you can have when you eat meat, but without all the death and murder. And sometimes it gets difficult to repeat myself, and describe what it is or why it matters, but…yeah, we have some work to do. My first field problem was an entire month. He just…he had an eye out for me. You can bring all the snacks you want, just load it. Just bring it to the next chain of command.

And now he actually craves a vegan menudo as opposed to the traditional Mexican menudo, so, that was awesome when he told me that. And, yeah having this interview. What would they think if we made-in the military at least-vegan a religious belief but not in the sense as Christianity. I think it would be pretty good, but that would be nice if your viewers can touch on that. I certainly hope that this has been helpful to those of you in or interested in entering the military who are vegan or wanting to go vegan.

His contact information is at the foot of this post. I personally find it frustrating, as Alex has expressed, that religious preferences or allergy-based dietary restrictions are honored while moral objections are not. This is the case in many institutions unfortunately. But my hope is that people like Alex can help create change from within the institution itself. Let me know what you think in the comments. He stays true to his belief even if it means ridicule or going hungry.

Sergeant Contreras is a brave man to stand firm in his beliefs. Thank you for bringing inspiring stories to people. I will leave a good message on his Facebook page. In response to being vegan as a religious choice in the military I say no. I say this as a Christian and a vegan I do understand that it would be the fastest way to have the military go to vegan options but it would also cause a lot of hate and discontent and in the long run push more cheapest essay writing service usa away from living vegan.

I would buy one or two to ship over. Cheapest essay writing service usa was in the Army 15 years ago I know forever ago and I was a cook. I know being Vegan can be hard in the Army I was vegetarian and that was hard enough. I live on peanut butter and bread through basic and my drill thought I had an eating disorder. It was a hard 8 weeks eating. But I would tell anyone that is vegan is to get to know the cooks in your unit and talk to Chow Hall Sgt. Most are really cool and most would work something out.

There are vegan things in the chow hall. Also the MRE meals ready to Eat suck, and the cracker is dry and nasty and no one wants to eat it. I think vegan as a religion is a good idea up to a point. Being different in the Army is hard during basicdrill is always looking for that one to mess with. It gets a little better after basic. I so appreciate your insights in to this. Pork Industry On Trial: Water For Pigs Charge BackfiresHow Vegans RUIN Halloween.

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